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Vilostrada added 2 new photos.

Almost as hot as Sahara in Spain today ;). No, actually Zagora is 42C and has us beat by 15C ;). See you dear beauty and peace in November... #tanmirt #vilostrada #sahara #LTLTR
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Mohamed MestorBe where you want to be

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Nikki KulinHow are you guys? Are you on your travels already xx

16 hours ago

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Vilostrada added 6 new photos.

Summer Sale Moroccan Fair Trade - #shopfair #vilostrada
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Vilostrada in Nerja, Spain.

Today, all we can do is to try to stay cool... #LTLTR
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Martina CronholmVi har molniga 22 grader. Ljuvligt efter 35+ i ett par veckor

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Françoise RajewskiQueen of accessorizing! Glam feet and sea!

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Marhaba - your meal is served Moroccan style!
You like what you see? Let us personal shop all your Moroccan favourites! #shopfair #Morocco
Read full article here:
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Vilostrada added 6 photos and a video — in Rio Chillar.

Photos from Vilostrada's post
Cooling off in Rio Chillar on a hot summer day. Four years ago Leon showed us this gorgeous walk for the first time. Today, we had an unexpected visitor during our picnic. Watch were you sit down and place your feet! This is a lovely hike for all ages and dogs. Lay down and swim wherever you need to when it gets too hot ;) - Live to Love the Road #LTLTR #vilostrada
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Berit AhlénJag följer gärna med!

5 days ago   ·  3

Johanna VonasekVi är på ☀️☀️

5 days ago   ·  2

Helen NyqvistVad härligt det ser ut! Tänkte gå där i juli.... :-)

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Ximena Moris BastiasI doing this

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Therese LindbergCoolt 😅

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Hanna SjögrenFantastiskt det ser ut 🔆

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Judith McCormickA fab walk.

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Victoria AhlénJohanna Vonasek Christian Haraldsson Torbjörn Lindblad Bronja Novak Lindblad vi värmde upp för en promenad här i augusti ;).

5 days ago

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Vilostrada added 9 new photos.

Summer BBQ with friends and Vilostrada fans. Life is good! #Shopfair #vilostrada #LTLTR
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Vilostrada shared their photo.

Our journey continues thanks to your support and friendship! We followed our hearts and our curiousity. So many lessons learnt, so many happy memoriries. Thank you all!
- Live to Love the Road! #vilostrada #LTLTR
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We followed our hearts and went to Morocco in September 2013. We found friends for life, adventure, sustainable business plans and happiness. We dared to follow a dream and the story just started.

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Helen CarrollWhat a beautiful photo. Frame it. Xxx

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Vilostrada shared Caravane Desert et Montagne's photo.

Who will join us in November?
#Sahara #Nomad #tanmirt #vilostrada #giveback
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The trip becomes a sotry ............By Sharon . Brahim knows his country, its history and its people. And, he will go to great lengths to know you too. Before we arrived and during the time we were with him, he was always looking for ways to make the trek more interesting and enjoyable. Because I requested that we avoid other tourists, he altered the course several times during our eight-day trek in the Anti-Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. We learned to be careful not to mention that we liked something -- be it pomegranates or egg plant -- for then they would magically appear in large quantities on our plate. If one of us lagged too far behind, he would arrange for a stop in the shade of a tamarisk or acacia tree. He said it was all part of Berber hospitality, but I think it was more than that. He just cares. Brahim has a great appreciation for the Nomads. He does what he can to support their way of life: providing work as camaleers, cooks and drivers; passing out medicine and offering friendship. He also believes in supporting the local communities and so buys all of his supplies there--including the 60 eggs that sat atop one of the camels. It took awhile to get used to seeing them perched up there, along with the many carpets, pillows, nomad tents and huge baskets of seemingly non-ending food, and many containers of water. Youssef (a long-time Nomad friend of Brahim's), Mohamed (Youssef's nephew and apprentice) and their two glorious camels, Azewal and Chahboun rounded out our entourage. Just listening to the rhythm of the men's conversation (even though we didn't understand a word they said) gave us pleasure. And, it got even more exciting when we encountered other Nomads. How lucky we were to have been able to partake in this camaraderie. And, those camels! I had carried several magazines with me, but I never even looked at them because I spent all my time watching those long-legged, soft-footed creatures, feeding them mandarin peels or looking at the patterns they made in the sand. Youssef's love of his camels was obvious. He would sing to them, pet them and search out special desert treats for them to add to their ongoing munching of acacia and tamarisk branches. Our routes were in a large part determined by where we could find water for the camels, because even though they can go weeks without drinking, they are happier to have water on a more regular basis. Brahim, Youssef and Mohamed are tough. We were told to bring sturdy shoes, yet they walked in sandals and sometimes barefoot. Mohamed lost half of the bottom of one of his sandals. We always knew where he walked. He was the one who only had half a shoe. Though we slept in a big black tent, they almost always slept outside even when it got quite cold. After a day of trekking, cooking, packing and unpacking the camels, once we saw Youssef running across the dunes in the fading light. He came back in the dark with an arm full of firewood that he had to have walked at least a mile to get. The man seemed tireless. But, oh how talented he was when it came to cooking tajines and baking bread under hot coals in the sand. So, if you would enjoy bathing at an oasis; visiting a Nomad encampment; lounging on carpets under a tree; watching a young Nomad child leading camels through the desert while listening to music with his headphones; eating wonderfully prepared meals; seeing rocks that had exploded in the heat and been sheared in half; listening to camels talk to each other; drawing water from a well for the wild donkeys or skipping rocks in the wind, then I highly recommend one of Brahim's "cultural tours." It was a great joy to have accompanied him into his wonderful land and culture. I also want to thank Youssef again for the use of his acacia walking stick. Just another of the many examples of Berber hospitality.

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Vilostrada added 2 photos and a video — with Cathy Dodd and Caleta de Velezm/1210623682287345">Hanni Martini"http://facebook.com/10154440746178569">Victoria Ahlén at Caleta de Velez.

Live to Love the Road - today swimming in the sunset and D O L P H I N S !!!!#LTLTR #vilostrada
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Vilostrada shared their photo.

May the Tagine be with you on your evening BBQ:s!
Happy Wednesday everyone. You do remember you can join our group Tagine Lovers for recipes and more!
#shopfair #vilostrada #Morocco
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www.facebook.com/groups/TagineLoversVilostrada/ #vilostrada #shopfair #taginelovers Photos: Joakim Ahlén

Nomad people are masters in improvising

Welt online  March 25th, 2017 Nomad people are masters in improvising (follow link to read original in German) by Luise Wagner Translated by Alexander Vogt Below the picture: A trip on a camels back offers a magnificent view – yet shouldn’t… Continue Reading →

First day of school in Tanmirt Desert Camp

A productive first day of school in the Tanmirt Desert camp with Susan Lock as our artisan instructor from Nerja, Spain. “I traveled here to share my passion for crafts and look forward to exchanging ideas with the Nomads and… Continue Reading →

Vilostrada Kids share stories from Tanmirt, Sahara

Today Lucas and Maj, our amazing Vilostrada Kids, held presentations about the Vilostrada Foundation’s work in Sahara at CEIP Enrique Ginés, the local school in Frigiliana. Lucas 12 years shares: “I thought it was very interesting and fun to explain… Continue Reading →

Culture of the Nomad about to perish

Article published in German in Neues Deutschland  Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 Spanish/Swedish relief organisation supports inhabitants in the Moroccan, Sahara Behind the mighty Atlas Mountains in the Sahara live the poorest of the poor of Morocco. Relief organisation Vilostrada Foundation… Continue Reading →

School project – shoes and solarpanels

By: Victoria Ahlén Photo: Joakim Ahlén Article published in En Sueco in February 2016., p. 26-27 “The best thing about this trip to the Sahara and Morocco was to give away shoes. It felt amazing”, says Maj Ahlén, 8 years…. Continue Reading →

Moringa seeds and a birthday party

Today is a great day to plant Moringa seeds as a symbol of love, to give back to the heart of humanity and Sahara with new life. Each seed we plant with my nomad family, will remind us that we… Continue Reading →

Shoes to bring smiles to Sahara

Tuda 4 years smiles with her whole body. She looks with big happy eyes when Maj, our daughter 8 years, walks towards her with a shoebox, wool socks and a yellow teddy bear. The smile creates a ripple effect through… Continue Reading →

Veronika Wagner’s Art Auction for education in Sahara

We are happily announcing the support of a new Vilostrada Foundation sponsor with the Berlin based artist Veronika Wagner who donates two of her Moroccan paintings for an auction that will begin on Dec 20, 2016 and go on until January… Continue Reading →

The Shoe Box Christmas Miracle

108 SHOE BOXES!!!! Our dear friend Susan Geraldine Lock encouraged us to start a shoe box fundraiser for our nomad children in Tanmirt, Sahara. The amazing principal Teleforo at Enrique Ginés in Frigiliana made sure it became a success. Lucas… Continue Reading →

Art Auction for Tanmirt: Berlin Artist joins Vilostrada mission

Meet her in the studio in Berlin: Veronika Wagner is a German painter with a strong connection to Morocco and the Sahara desert. She has been travelling North Africa over the past 20 years and created numerous works inspired by… Continue Reading →

Julakuten secures education for a year in Tanmirt, Sahara

“All children have the right to education” is a vision that unites our volunteer powers in the Vilostrada Foundation’s yearly event “Julakuten” in Onsala, says Victoria Ahlen, founder. “Together we can now provide education during the next year and that… Continue Reading →

Wisehug from Wisehub

“Row 19, please keep up the good job and keep distrupting with your happiness and laughter, thank you for making this overseas flight such an enjoyable one for all of us.” Could you imagine if this was the ordinary comment… Continue Reading →

Imagine making an impact no one ever expected

For the next week, I represent Vilostrada and the Vilostrada Foundation as a guiding light for “Living to Love the Road” and “Giving back to the heart of humanity” to 70 delegates at the conference Wisehub. Together we will not… Continue Reading →

Why Vilostrada

During my last trip to Tanmirt, Sahara, in October, I took the opportunity to record this video for you from the heart of humanity. From my heart to yours. This is why we do Vilostrada. This is why I will… Continue Reading →

Water is life. We dit it! Tanmirt – Thank you.

Water is life! We did it – together! On October 30, 2016, together we funded the Tanmirt Project Step 1 with the nomads. We funded the solar panel fueled pump and 400 m of tube to the nomad school in… Continue Reading →

Tanmirt – 358 m left for running water

358 m of tube for running water, this is all that is left for part one of the Tanmirt project. How many meters can you support? 3,5€/m to secure life and education. On October 10-17, Hanna Sjögren (Rays of Me)… Continue Reading →

Fundraising for the heart of humanity – Tanmirt

Welcome to a fundraising evening dedicated to “The Joy of Cooking Together.” We challenge you to bring your smiles and stories but also pay it forward to people who remind us of who we really are as humans, the nomads… Continue Reading →

The Tanmirt Well of Life

Water is life. The heat is on in the desert and nomads move to water and shade for the next few months. In December 2015 and March 2016 on our visits, we have experienced the life of the nomads and… Continue Reading →

Water and shade

“Salam! At this time of year, the Heat begins.  Many of our friends and family nomads will move closer to the water and shade of trees as it will be very hot during the summer. There is a nomad’s proverb… Continue Reading →

Costa Women supporting Common Ground

30 Costa Women socializing at newly opened Villa Dolores right outside Torre del Mar.  One of our hostesses Anncatrin Leveland, owner of Villa Dolores,  welcomed all guests with a glass of cava and Swedish tapas served on the terrace overlooking the… Continue Reading →

Growing support for Common Ground

Our new desert project Common Ground Tanmirt launched April 6 and is slowly finding its course. We see spring in the air and happily welcome new partners to our network. All people and organisations who like us believe in all… Continue Reading →

Common Ground in Tanger & Tanmirt?

Lucas and Victoria travel to Tanger on March 8 to aid and market the Darna Art exhibit on Women’s Day at Volubilis Art Gallery. We then head south to our friends in Taroudant and Tanmirt. We have a dream of finding… Continue Reading →

Art makes people happy

On Monday January 19 our Common Ground Art project, #commongroundart, launched. Our daughter Maj, 7 years, is the boss with great help from her mentor Mohamed Raiss El Fenni at Volubilis Art Gallery in Tanger, Morocco. Contributions from all over… Continue Reading →

Common Ground Art Project 2016

Would you like to join our Art Challenge to find Common Ground 2016? Sign up for more information in this form. You will hear back from us shortly. The project will ask you to electronically or virtually produce 5 pieces… Continue Reading →

Summary of Julakuten 2015

Julakuten‘s, a fundraiser benefitting 300 children at Assocation Darna, goal on November 28-29, 2015, was to raise 2 140€ (20 000 SEK) to pay for school material and a safe environment. We surpassed our goal and raised 2 390 € (22… Continue Reading →

Common Ground to focus on entrepreneurship 2016

Proud to launch this new chapter on our journey to Live to Love the Road. Amazed on how far love and believing in the good in the world have gotten us with Common Ground. So many smiles, obstacles conquered, tears,… Continue Reading →

Smedingeskolan supporting Darna and Common Ground

Our young heroes and partners at Smedingeskolan 7A with their teacher Malin Jeppsson have given so much positive energy this fall to our community building project Common Ground. Here they send their happy hello to all the children at Darna…. Continue Reading →

We like to help others

This morning I had the huge honor to visit Skanörs skola in southern Sweden. I met young heroes who helped raise money last Christmas for Common Ground. They also connected with students in Akerate over Skype calls and sent exchanged knowledge. A… Continue Reading →

Thank you for the first year support to Common Ground

A year ago on October 1, 2014, we started the Common Ground community building project together. A year later, we proudly sum up the events in this video of our work building global bridges with edcuation, entrepreneurship and storytelling. By… Continue Reading →

Julakuten benefits 300 children at Darna

Help us create safe children and give them education for a bright future. Our annual fundraiser is booked at Båt- och Sjöfartsmuseet in Onsala, Sweden November 28-29 . With our Common Ground partners in Sweden, we aim to raise 20 000… Continue Reading →

Our children meet Darna

Maj (7 yrs) and Lucas(10 yrs)Ahlen list their Darna favorite activities: “Hanging out on the soccer goal as I drew here”, says Maj.  “I liked the music instrument. Great music here>>“, says Maj:     Lucas: – Play soccer with my… Continue Reading →

World citizienship – school starts and Common Ground finds new fuel

Welcome to a group of students in 7th grade at Smedingeskolan in Fjärås, Sweden. Their warm hearted energy to educate and be educated in world citizienship. This summer Victoria and Joakim got truly inspired by Johan Rockström summer pod on… Continue Reading →

Common Ground meets “Sommarloventreprenörer”

Meeting young entrepreneurs always makes me smile. Today I met almost 20 summer entrepreneurs (Sommarlovsentreprenörer) in Kungsbacka over Skype. If you live nearby keep an eye out for LL film, Lina, Raisha, Jonas, Fanny and many more with new businesses ranging from… Continue Reading →

Common Ground collaboration for education and sustainability

Four girls co-wrote the first five chapters in a digital book called Common Ground with the tool Kissa created by Estiféda. You will be able to view them soon. Four young heroines started sharing stories from everyday life and technology… Continue Reading →

Nour shares her first day at Unesco Mobile Learning Week

Nour Essoukri, 11 years, co-writer of the digital Common Ground book #commongroundkissa,  writes after attending the Mobile Learning Week as the youngest participant today: “Aujourd’hui, j’accompagné papa à l’UNESCO pour son travail. J’ai rencontré deux de ses collègues. Victoria m’a… Continue Reading →

A Skype on Thinking Day with Askims Sjöscoutkår

A great part of running Common Ground are the global conversations and educational processes we get to join in. Yesterday, I talked to a group of scouts at Äventyrarna in Askims Sjöscoutkår. The scouts will soon have Thinking Day (February… Continue Reading →

Meetings in Morocco – part one

Åsa Holmén, ÅH! Betong & Återbruk, from Onsala, Sweden traveled with Victoria Ahlén to northern Morocco to learn the country traditions, get involved in the starting of a women’s cooperative in Akerate as well as find inspiration for her new concrete… Continue Reading →

To give is the greatest gift of all.

One week ago, I said farewell to my father. He passed away quickly due to lung cancer. We celebrated his life and his laughter. Life teaches you to focus on the core. Life again taught me to keep giving to… Continue Reading →

40 good deeds and a new beginning

We can change the world. We should laugh every day with people we love. Today marks the celebration of 40 great years in my life with people I love and living in a world I love. Together we can easily… Continue Reading →

Together – Common Ground – Merry Christmas

    From all of us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Follow our continued journey on our two facebook sites Vilostrada and Common Ground

The light in me sees the light in you

Yoga to support Common ground – During this autumn I’ve been teaching free yoga classes to a group of teachers at a school. I handed out information about Vilostrada and Common Ground with option to donate. After the last session… Continue Reading →

Running water continues the sustainable road

Some days the challenge of building sustainable bridges overwhelms. Great obstacles ahead of us, and we have our small resources to rely on. One school with 60 children, teaches me daily to stay focused on the road ahead. Sometimes, I… Continue Reading →

School lunch enables education

“A daily school meal provides a strong incentive to send children to school and keep them there”, says World Food Programme. “They allow children to focus on their studies rather than their stomachs and boost their education by increasing school… Continue Reading →

Julakuten 19-20 dec i Onsala

Saknas julstämningen? Behöver du hjälp att slå in dina julklappar? Några presenter kvar att fixa? Julgodiset ogjort? Välkommen den 19 december kl 14-19 och den 20 december kl 11-16 till Sjöfartsmuseet i Onsala. JULAKUTEN fixar det sista stöket med dig. . Och… Continue Reading →

Bridging cultures with online classrooms

In 1996, I started working at the Adams Center for Teaching Excellence at Abilene Christian University as a producer. At this point, a junior Electronic Media student, I eagerly joined forces with talented people like KB Massingill, James Langford and… Continue Reading →

Adam – my life

My hobbies are soccer, badminton, sport computer games guitar have some fun with friends and painting =p. My dream is to be a soccer pro or sport designer. My favorite food are sushi taco and pizza. I live in Sweden and I am… Continue Reading →

Share your knowledge

HOW TO Upload an image, text, video, record a Skype Classroom session Mark it #commonground. Make sure you get our attention: Follow us @vilostrada on Twitter and Instagram, tag Vilostrada when you upload like Vilostrada Facebook, page, tag Vilostrada or post… Continue Reading →


We aim to connect the Akerate School with the world directly in the beginning of November 2014. Connect with us: 1) Schedule a Skype Classroom meeting with Victoria Ahlén, founder and project manager. She will share her stories of the world… Continue Reading →

Hello from Kottar och frön

– Together, children and teachers, have built a playground in the forest. There is always a long queue to wait for the swing, where the lucky swinger feel the tickling feeling in her stomach :-). Meet our friend Maria Svensson… Continue Reading →

Could you start now?

“Kan du redan nu undrar Meja , Ella ,  Ebba , Noa och Hugo?” “Could you start now ask Meja , Ella , Ebba , Noa and Hugo?” First contact with Skanör, Sweden and classes in 4-6th grade over Skype. These… Continue Reading →

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