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Vilostrada is with Victoria Ahlén in Frigiliana.

Let the magical celebration of Tres Culturas (celebrations of all cultures living together in peace) begin!
In town? Get in touch!
#festival3culturas #vilostrada #loveandalaucia
Photo: Joakim Ahlén
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Susan Geraldine Lock DydeWhat a magical picture xx Ps the black and white one !

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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — at Cinéma RIF.

Catch a Moroccan taxi. Ask the driver to take you to his favourite restaurant/place in Tanger. Bargain hard BEFORE you get in about the prize. Do it fair, with a big smile. You might end up at Cinema Rif or just in a sunny place!
#travel #vilostrada #morocco #shopfair
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Vilostrada added a photo and a video — with Joakim Ahlén at Cafe Central.

Photos from Vilostrada's post
Visit Petit Soco - the heart of Tanger Kasbah since 1905. Mohamed Raiss el Fenni opened Boutique Volubilis and Art Gallery in 1972.
"It is my own circus without a tent", he says smiling
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Vilostrada added 4 new photos — feeling happy at La plage de sidi mghait.

Sunday is family(+animal) beach day both on Costa del Sol and Tanger. Book the time to chillax with all your old and new friends. Our tip is to pre-book your lunch tagine when you arrive. Then the surf is on. Lucas will take you with him later to show you.
Live to Love the Road.
#taginelovers #travel #Morocco #Vilostrada #LTLTR
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — in Tangier, Morocco.

Good morning gorgeous world! #LTLTR #vilostrada #vilostradakids #travel
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Vilostrada is at Port de Tanger ville.

Bonjour! Salam 😉!
Heading to our Moroccan home in the Kasbah. We look forward to showing you some of our favorites in the next few days and introduce you to some of the kindest souls we know.
#travel #vilostrada #morocco
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Helen CarrollSending hugs for everyone. You can share them around. Xxxx

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Anncatrin LevelandBon vogage!

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Cheryl HaydukLooking forward to the vicarious journey!

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Vilostrada added 2 new photos.

The blue door that opened the path to our adventures in Morocco four years ago!
Which door will you open and challenge your soul?

We are with the victims of Barcelona but also with the tribes in Western Sahara and everyone hurting!
Embrace your neighbor!
#vilostrada #giveback
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Vilostrada added 2 new photos — at Kasbah Rose.

A bientôt amis!
#vilostrada #shopfair #morocco
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Françoise RajewskiTHAT smile!

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Vilostrada added 2 new photos.

Happy colorful evening and lots of vitamine C to you!
#vilostrada #shopfair #morocco
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Vilostrada shared Vilostrada Foundation's post.

You gave with your heart with each Vilostrada purchase you made. You gave life. You gave water. Water that is still running here in Tanmirt, Sahara. Still smiling. Hope so. Thank you!

10% of all Vilostrada purchases directly support the Vilostrada Foundation's current project "Education for Life" together with the nomads in Tanmirt, Sahara.
#tanmirt #giveback #vilostrada #sahara #morocco #nomad
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Water is Life! Our collaboration with the nomads and your support made us accomplish a solar panel fueled well in less than a year in Sahara, Morocco. You gave with your heart! Your heart smiled! Ours too. Let us gear up for a new season and lots of action when we continue part 2 of our mission: Education for Life! #giveback #vilostrada #tanmirt.

Connectivity – Skype Classroom

We look forward to talking to you, sharing knowledge, exchanging every day life activities. Our goal from Vilostrada is to directly connect the Akerate School with the world in the beginning of November. You can schedule a Skype Classroom meeting… Continue Reading →

You do not need so much stuff to be happy

Our son Lucas 9 years shares some thoughts: Q: How has it been to stay in Spain? A: I think it’s been fun to learn a new language and make new friends. Q. What have you learned from being in… Continue Reading →

We made music together – common ground

“We made music together, and it was so special”, says Helena Antoni while visiting the Akerate school for the first time today as a part of the Common Ground project. “The whole experience was absolutely perfect. On both sides, I think…. Continue Reading →

What knowledge will you share?

Launching our project Common Ground. The first chapter. Children play the same games Children draw the same images Children dream the same things Common ground = Diversity + Connectivity + Education We start with: One school – One village –… Continue Reading →

If not now, when?

We will connect our common ground with the world, give them other possibilities. You as a supporter, we need you. Cheer us on, share your knowledge, share our story, imagine and innovate your ideas = JOIN US #commonground. Vilostrada teamed… Continue Reading →

Inspiration building Common Ground

“Common Ground” is a project idea created by Joakim and Victoria Ahlén, the founders of Vilostrada – a social business dedicated to do good in Morocco through trade. It is the continuation of the Akerate School Project. Together, we provide… Continue Reading →

A dream of great opportunities in Akerate

Fall means school start. Our children start September 10 here in Frigiliana, Spain. Their old school friends at Pontos started all ready last week. Maj will start first grade and for her the new school bag and pen pocket ranks… Continue Reading →

Laughter and Love

  Their laughter fill the air. Happiness in my heart and soul. Joy sometimes spreads so easy. HAPPY FRIDAY. More photos from our meeting with the Akerate schoolchildren in a Vilostrada Facebook-album>> Share your joy, hello, greeting to children using… Continue Reading →

The Link to a Sustainable Future

My last evening in Dardara, I get invited to visit one of the families that live in village in Akerate. A small group of houses in the mountains off the beaten track with gorgeous views of the hills and Chefchaouen… Continue Reading →

Jasmine – connecting to a global community of women

We look to the future on Women’s Day. In our hearts we go to work each day for our children, the children of the world. Since we met Jasmine, 7 years old, and the other 60 students in Akerate in… Continue Reading →

Building peace in the minds of men and women

Walking into the UNESCO building adds a sense of completeness. No rain or grey skies can take away the feeling that a childhood dream of peace will happen. I know that teachers like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela enforced my… Continue Reading →

Akerate – meet the future of Morocco

Now we launch a collaboration program where worlds meet and education is key. The future of Morocco will close in on the world. We dream of a sustainable solution where Vilostrada and friends act as the spark and enablers. We dream… Continue Reading →

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