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Even in Morocco they overdo it sometimes - or how about a complete hand crafted shiny metal bathtub? :)

#shopfair #ltltr #vilostrada #crafts
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — in Oulad Othmane, Sidi Kacem, Morocco.

Almond blossoms 😉! Spring has sprung in the Draa Valley. Live to Love the Road!
#vilostrada #LTLTR #Morocco
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — in Ouarzazate.

I love walking down a dirt road in the sun. Suddenly, I get a sense I should go right. I look around the corner and there I find hidden Moroccan treasure.
I love the artistery and love for crafs don’t you?
#shopfair #morocco #vilostrada
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Vilostrada added 4 new photos — at ‎‎Tamgroute " Zagora " ŰȘÙ…ÙƒŰ±ÙˆŰȘ‎‎.

We got lucky and found two green coffee tables made with the desert tiles. Ant takers? They can also be made to order!
#shopfair #vilostrada #morocco
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Love the colour !

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Vackra ❀

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Vilostrada is in Chefchaouene.

The sun sets over the Blue City and it changes color. A city full of artisans and hidden beauty behind each corner!

Good Night!

Photo: Joakim Ahlén

(We plan a hiking trip here in May.)
#vilostrada #morocco #travel
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Vilostrada shared Vilostrada Foundation's post.

Here is to ALL of YOU! Thank you/ Tanmirt for ypur FRIENDSHIP!! #valentine #tanmirt
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For the laughter we bring in each other’s lives! For the joy of sharing games, new pairs of shoes and dates over a cup of tea! For the JOY of friendship! Lots of Love DEAR FRIENDS on this Valentine’s! #tanmirt #vilostrada #giveback #valentine Photo: Joakim AhlĂ©n

The day comes to an end. We walk to visit our Nomad friends in Sahara. Aicha greets us with a smile. We are welcome into her tent. In the corner, we find a gem, a treasure passed on from mother to daughter.
The white is sheep wool mixed with the light brown from the camel. The black string produced from the goats outside.
I hope of of these rugs can be our summer picnic blanket. / Victoria
#tanmirt #vilostrada #shopfair #morocco #sahara #nomad
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Good night world!

Photo: Joakim Ahlén
#tanmirt #vilostrada #morocco #sahara #nomad
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — in Tangier, Morocco.

Triple red Kelim. Trio in happiness for your home!
#vilostrada #shopfair #Morocco
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos.

Happiness in sharing time and culture exchange always warms our hearts. Ki Krak: To Give, to Receive! We shared the game of Uno and Yatzy, shoes, dates and chicken tagine. Our Nomad friends, kindly hosted us during the storm and shared their tea, stories and bread.
Live to Love the Road!
Love from the Ahlén Family on the Tanmirt Expedition!
#tanmirt #vilostrada #giveback #valentine #sagaea #nomad #Morocco
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Folktale illustrator Katherine Soutar Caddick supporting the nomads of Sahara

This summer, talented illustrator Katherine Soutar Caddick contacted the Vilostrada Foundation to suggest a collaboration. We were thrilled to have found common ground and here is part of her story:  Her portrait of Najwa, her charity card cost ÂŁ3, supports the Vilostrada… Continue Reading →

Go chase the feeling of dancing each morning

Radio interview with Victoria AhlĂ©n, Vilostrada, on Swedish station P4 Halland April 26, 2017, by Evelina MyrbĂ€ck, play forward to 1:02:30. English translation to Swedish article on SR P4 Halland interviewing Victoria AhlĂ©n, Vilostrada: The AhlĂ©n Family sold the house in… Continue Reading →

Culture of the Nomad about to perish

Article published in German in Neues Deutschland  Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 Spanish/Swedish relief organisation supports inhabitants in the Moroccan, Sahara Behind the mighty Atlas Mountains in the Sahara live the poorest of the poor of Morocco. Relief organisation Vilostrada Foundation… Continue Reading →

The Shoe Box Christmas Miracle

108 SHOE BOXES!!!! Our dear friend Susan Geraldine Lock encouraged us to start a shoe box fundraiser for our nomad children in Tanmirt, Sahara. The amazing principal Teleforo at Enrique GinĂ©s in Frigiliana made sure it became a success. Lucas… Continue Reading →

Julakuten secures education for a year in Tanmirt, Sahara

“All children have the right to education” is a vision that unites our volunteer powers in the Vilostrada Foundation’s yearly event “Julakuten” in Onsala, says Victoria Ahlen, founder. “Together we can now provide education during the next year and that… Continue Reading →

Costa Women supporting Common Ground

30 Costa Women socializing at newly opened Villa Dolores right outside Torre del Mar.  One of our hostesses Anncatrin Leveland, owner of Villa Dolores,  welcomed all guests with a glass of cava and Swedish tapas served on the terrace overlooking the… Continue Reading →

Running water continues the sustainable road

Some days the challenge of building sustainable bridges overwhelms. Great obstacles ahead of us, and we have our small resources to rely on. One school with 60 children, teaches me daily to stay focused on the road ahead. Sometimes, I… Continue Reading →

Share your knowledge

HOW TO Upload an image, text, video, record a Skype Classroom session Mark it #commonground. Make sure you get our attention: Follow us @vilostrada on Twitter and Instagram, tag Vilostrada when you upload like Vilostrada Facebook, page, tag Vilostrada or post… Continue Reading →

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