All children have the right to education. Together with the nomads in Tanmirt, Sahara, Morocco, we build a sustainable circle to give back to the heart of humanity.

We want to keep and preserve the nomad culture and life by working together through self-development, connecting with the world, developing trade, and making basic life essentials easier such as water, reading, writing, counting.



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Timeline, accomplishments




  • In February 2015, we project managed the #CommonGroundkissa project with Estiféda. Female students from four countries started writing a book called Common Ground.  We showcased at UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2015 with UN Women.
    common ground unesco photo Dan Fredin   Curre_003_lo
  • June 6-7 we gathered friends from Sweden, Finland and Morocco to a workshop and a first music exchange at Auberge Dardara. Special thanks Karla and Mohamed Raiss El Fenni (Volublis Art Gallery), Ulf and Åsa Nomark (UNÅ Music), Philippa Dunderfelt and Zoubeir Ben Bouchta.
    common ground global bridge auberge dardara vilostrada volublis art gallery karla raiss el fenni joakim ahlen      Vilostrada Common Ground Chefchaouen textiles
  • Continually we accept donations (clothes, shoes, school material, toys). To this day, we have provided more than 1 200 kg, to the area surrounding Chefchaouen and Darna in Tanger. These items have been generously donated by our global network in Spain, US, Sweden and Finland. Thank you also to our friends at Kasbah Rose for the generous donation of a piano to Darna in Tanger.
  • Summer school exchange with doctoral students Lamar University in July 2015 in Tanger, Rabat and Chefchaouen.
    common ground lamar univiersity victoria ahlen
  • run an ongoing global exchange of hand drawings #commongroundhand.
    #commongroundhand vilostrada   commongroundhand  commongroundhand sommarboss hands kungsbacka
  • Both Darna and OAPAM received an initial donation of 5000 MAD in September to partly fund the educational material for in total 500 school children.
  • Darna’s web is being rebuilt and we provide digital education for the staff of Darna for the market value of more than 40 000 MAD sponsored by Digistrada/Vilostrada and global partners.
  • OAPAM received 5000 MAD to aid a sick child in a case of emergency in November 2015.
  • Together with our Swedish partners and our annual fundraiser Julakuten on November 28-29, we raised more than 20 000 SEK (€ 2 140) for further educational material and safe environment for Darna’s 300 children delivered on December 9 in Tangier, Morocco.
  • We raised €5 000 in our first trial year of October 2014-2015. Here is our summary video:

common ground giving ceremony at Association Darna Tanger Morocco Victoria Joakim Ahlen Vilostrada  maj ahlen common ground art check darna vilostada

Darna Tanger Common Ground Victoria Ahlen Vilostrada


  • In the spring of 2014, we project managed the Akerate School Project with Auberge Dardara. We learned about the region, cultures and learnt about the challenges women and children face in the region. We started planning community projects to help, educate and learn from each other.
    2star_IMG_6223_akerate   happy akerate village common ground   our whole village akerate common ground instagram morocco
  • Common Ground project started October 3, 2014. Common Ground is a project run by the Swedish non-profit organisation Why5 for Life (Org no SE 802470-2402).
  • We continue building global friendships with Skype Classroom lessons with young entrepreneurs in Kungsbacka, school classes in Sweden. If you would like to schedule a class with our founder Victoria Ahlén or a group of Moroccan children/women, get in touch to hello(at)
    sommarboss kungsbacka commongroundhand   skanor klass 6 common ground insamling pantburkar    ebba julia chefchaouen common ground   victoria ahlen sommarboss kungsbacka commonground
  • We educate and collaborate with local women in the Chefchaouen area. In January 2015, Åsa Holmén, concrete artist at ÅH Betong & Återbruksdesign traveled with us to teach crafts to mountain women.
    common ground heart with sowing machine jan 2015   åsa holmen jaber el hababi common ground dardara


We work in close contact with Wisehub in South Africa. Victoria traveled to play a major role at their yearly conference in October 2015 as well as in November 2016 in Cape Town.

Vilostrada Foundation collaborates on the topic of world citizienship with Smedingeskolan in Sweden and teacher Malin Jeppson in a new project for the school years 2015/2017. If your class would like to get to know us email us hello(at)

smedingeskolan 7A

Vilostrada Foundation is a non-profit**, based on a project idea created by Joakim and Victoria Ahlén, the founders of Vilostrada – Live to love the road.

With love Victoria Ahlén


THANK YOU ALL PARTNERS for your support

**) Vilostrada Foundation is a part of the Swedish non-profit organisation Why5 for Life (Org no SE 802470-2402)