STEP 2) Tanmirt Education for Life


We plan to do this during the next 12 months: 

  • Moringa Tree Fundraiser – Our goal is €1000 – we plant Moringa trees in the desert to bring good luck and bring new life to Tanmirt.
  • In January 2017, we deliver more than 125 shoe boxes to the children of Tanmirt, Sahara from Costa del Sol, €200 funds raised for transport.
  • Plan and begin constructing the school in Tanmirt, Sahara in Quarter 1 of 2017. Ongoing. Victoria on site in Zagora/Mhamid as we speak.
  • Hire a female teacher for our new Tanmirt school. (€2000 – Funds raised – Thank you Julakuten!!, recruiting ongoing)
  • An education pilot project with mobile devices to strengthen huge challenge with illiteracy and depopulation of the nomads in the Sahara.

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Donation  Can be used for (example)
 moringa seed to bring life and new income to the desert
school material for 5 children 
solar panel to charge smart device
smart device for sharing knowledge 
teacher salary two months

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100 % of your donations go to the project we fundraise for! Ask for a open book report! Our company partners support us with funds to cover all travel and living expenses on site in Morocco (Vilostrada Foundation raised funds never pay for any of these), facilities, knowledge and educational tools not to mention and huge global network of do-gooders.

With your help we have raised more than € 13 000 so far not mentioning the smiles, school material, clothes, shoes and knowledge.


Step 1 = Water for life, for nomads and animals. We build a solar panel and new pump for the well in Tanmirt, Sahara during December 2016. We finalized our fundraising successfully on October 30 and implemented in the desert on November 28. Thank you!
Watch our live video from January 3, 2017 on site by the Tanmirt well.


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All your input is welcome to hello(at)

We started March 14, 2016 when Lucas and Victoria Ahlén visited Zagora in Morocco. Our project team is run by our nomad partner Brahim Elaabdouli (Caravane Desert et Montagne). Brahim stays in close dialogue with the nomads in the area we call “Tanmirt” in Sahara. Read about the “Tanmirt Well of Life

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THANK YOU ALL who all ready donated