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10% of all sales in our shops go directly to the Vilostrada Foundation project. Thank you all customers.

These people and companies make Vilostrada Foundation possible.

beach yoga linda frigiliana
I believe in the inner strength and inner joy of every individual
Bringing that out in all should be our main goal
Helping is easy listening is healing
That is how Common Ground works
Sat Nam

lindalandstra beachyogalinda

10% of all proceeds from Beach Yoga Linda‘s yoga proceeds support our work with Common Ground. Enjoy her classes on Burryana Beach in Nerja each Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. See her web for more activities.

Brahim Elaabdouli Caravane Desert et Montagne Tanmirt Brahim Caravane Desert et Montagne Ahlen Victoria Joakim Vilostrada common ground

Brahim Elaabdouli, our dear friend and eco guide at Caravane Desert et Montagne and partner in current project Common Ground Tanmirt.

The real meaning of Tanmirt in berber is Thank you – but for us it means “For Me and My Team”. We give the name tanmirt for the quiet dunes and places – the real Sahara desert that gives you the real image of the Sahara : dunes – hamada – acacia – nomades and of course camels. In general we can say , that we give the name tanmirt for the magical places off tracks where you will feel that you are really in the desert. But It our name that we give to where you [Joakim and Victoria Ahlén]have been in Xmas (2015). Tanmirt God for giving us this magical place that many people don’t know.

team common ground tanmirt brahim victoria youssef lucas  Sahara


Estiféda and Vilostrada decided to collaborate during our first meeting at UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2014.
We share the mutual passion for all children´s right to an education. In February 2015, we collaborated in with the #CommonGroundKissa project that got selected to showcase at UNESCO and UN Women Mobile Learning Week 2015 in Paris, France.
common ground unesco photo Dan Fredin   mlw2015 logo

Here are two blog posts:

Read more about their work at Edupronet.

kasbah rose Logo_text_klein_los kasbah rose roof terrace

Kasbah Rose is our home away from home in Tangier. A place where we can bring our clients, sit and have business meetings and use fast internet to support our non-profit missions in Morocco. Lorraine, Max and Hans Kleinveld kindly open doors for us to their vast network and share expertise in the Moroccan way to run business and projects  after living here for more than 30 years. Max is a valued team member both for Common Ground and Vilostrada.

Through their network, we organized a donation of a piano to Association Darna’s children’s house.

association darna piano common ground tangier morrocco   max kleinveld kasbah rose victoria ahlen common ground tanger morocco


In Onsala, Sweden, you can purchase Vilostrada artisan goods at Klippa. They share our mutual passion for doing good. Eirin Persson is also a close friend of Victoria’s and a superwoman. Eirin also is a part the board of Why5 for Life that is in charge of the project Common Ground.
common-ground-five-onsala-      klippa vilostrada rif svartvit keramik
I support Vilostrada’s win-win business models. This is the only way to create sustainable change if you ask me – connecting social good with doing business”, says Eirin. Her children often support and follow her path. Her son bought his sister a Vilostrada bracelet on his birthday. All her children, we proudly named our young ambassadors.

We have also successfully done three50 events in Onsala – VIVA and Julakuten.

ks utveckling logotype   kerstin sörbom ks uveckling

Kerstin Sörbom, KS Utveckling, writes to us in April 2016:

“Finally we met last time I was in Morocco, the enthusiast Victoria Ahlén and I. We talked about the importance of responsibility and the joy in giving. How we can make a difference, ask why, this should be a given for all.

Imagine making a difference in children’s, our fellow man’s life buy purchasing a fantastic artisan crafted jewelry (made by the people where the profit goes back to the people), to support education and learning. ”

Så träffades vi äntligen sist jag var i Marocko. Eldsjälen Victoria Ahlén och jag.
Vi pratade om vikten, ansvaret och glädjen i att GE. Hur vi kan göra skillnad, frågan varför, ja den borde vara en självklarhet för alla.

Tänk att göra skillnad i barnens, medmänniskors liv igenom att tex köpa ett fantastiskt handarbetat smycke (gjord av kvinnor där förtjänsten går till kvinnor). Att stötta undervisning och lära ut.

rays of me logo- gold- rgb     hanna sjögren, Rays of Me

“I believe in growing in collaboration, together. We can always learn from each other and create a better world,” says Hanna Sjögren, a dear friend and founder of the newly launched Rays of Me.
She also is a collaborational partner for Vilostrada sales in Sweden. This fall Hanna will join us to Tanmirt in October 2016 to meet the nomad families we support.
hanna sjögren victoria ahlen rays of me vilostrada common ground


Wictoria Ostrelius supports Vilostrada and #commonground with design ideas for new products.
– To create and at the same time enable the children a chance to grow is enriching. I believe in karma. I am convinced, who ever gives, receives.

IMG_4506-   wictoria ostrelius christina öberg vilostrada photo victoria ahlen
Twice Wictoria has traveled to Chefchaouen for inspiration for her work and help the mountain children with school material and clothes. The spring of 2015 her friends and daughter came with us on a journey. Read Julia and Ebba’s blog post>>

ebba julia chefchaouen common ground morocco

You will find more of Wictoria’s interior design projects on her company page Intro Inred.

unique bootcamps

Hanni Melnicenko, Unique Bootcamp Workouts, writes:
“We proudly partner with Common Ground because, like Victoria, we believe that the way to long-term help & sustainability is to support the development of enterprise, entrepreneurship & trade. It’s our belief that this is the only way that some of the groups and communities that Common Ground and Vilostrada work with in Morocco will become self-sustainable, and will continue to grow, build and flourish in to the future.”

Leon and Hanni Melnicenko, Unique Bootcamp Workouts, support us with digital expertise and act on our advisory board. Thanks to a fundraiser for their clients before Christmas, we raised almost €800 to our current nomad school project “Common Ground Tanmirt“.

IMG_8498   hanni melnicenko freedomfix victoria ahlen common ground vilostrada

unå musik logga mellan mörk gråblå

One invaluable partner is the music production company UNÅ Music and its founders Ulf and Åsa Nomark. They are artists, composers and choir directors. They have a vision of a whole and united world – we are all connected and dependent on each other. The new Vilostrada community building project ”Common Ground” is named after a song “Common Ground“, UNÅ Music released early 2014.

”We live in a world were we need to start focusing on what unites us, our common ground”, Ulf explains. ”It’s time for building up, not tearing down” – a phrase from the song describing what we want to achieve in the project.

In June 2015, Ulf and Åsa joined us for a workshop in Dardara with creative minds – Building a global bridge with arts, friendship & entrepreneurship

We have also successfully done threee11011 events in Onsala – VIVA and Julakuten.

Ulf Nomark UNÅ Music Common Ground Morocco   Åsa Nomark UNÅ Music Common ground morocco   Ulf Åsa Nomark Abedelmajid Raiss El Fenni Tanger Morocco Common Ground    julakuten

åh!_logo   åsa holmen chefchaouen common ground

Åsa Holmén, founder of åh! Betong och Återbruksdesign, joined us the summer of 2014 for the premiere VIVA exhibits in Onsala, Sweden. In her concrete/remake artisan shop she teaches courses and sells interior products for home & gardens in concrete and recycled materials. She is also a valued team member in our yearly fundraiser Julakuten in Onsala120.

In January 2015, Åsa traveled with us to teach crafts to rural women outside Chefchaouen during a week. You can read about her journey to Dardara/Chefchaouen with Common Ground here>>
When she returned to Sweden she incorporated Moroccan design in her concrete crafts.

Åsa Holmen ÅH Betong & Återbruk concrete table morocco common ground    ÅH betong & återbruksdesign

Together we will include design & manufacture products that combine Moroccan artisan crafts with the Nordic style as one part of our project Common Ground. “I do what I love and I am happy to share the knowledge. Together we can build a sustainable society and lifestyle that I cherish,” says Åsa.


Would you like to participate? Send an email to hello(at)vilostrada.com.


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