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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — at ‎‎Chefchaouen The Blue Pearl شفشاون الجوهرة الزرقاء‎‎.

Peace and many friendships in a favourite place we go to #shopfair! Have you visited?
#LTLTR #vilostrada #shopfair
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Vilostrada added 2 new photos — in Frigiliana.

Happy floors get new carpet for the winter! #shopfair #vilostrada #Morocco
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Vilostrada added an event.

Save the date. More information to follow.
We promise to:
- Share the Joy of Cooking Together. Come eat a delicious couscous meal with us.
- Laugh a lot
- Show you photos and share stories from Sahara and our project Tanmirt Education for Life.
- Christmas sale of Vilostrada Moroccan artisana
- You can donate new and used shoes (only) to the Nomads (all sizes) tied up with a Christmas card with personal greeting + write shoe size in the corner of the card.
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Vilostrada shared Vilostrada Foundation's post.

Vilostrada Foundation
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A storytelling night in the Sahara. Many more to come and be shared with you! Good night/ Buenas noches / God natt! #tanmirt #vilostrada #giveback

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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — in Frigiliana.

Tagines and November sun, a combination to charge batteries #taginelovers #vilostrada
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Victoria AhlénSusan Geraldine Lock Dyde can you share our recipe for the sweet potato tagine? #taginelovers

3 days ago

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Vilostrada is in Tangier, Morocco.

A day that included singing is a good day, do you agree?
#vilostrada #travel #morocco #LTLTR
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Helen CarrollLovely voice then someone spoilt it lol. Your achieving so much it's wonderful. Xxxxxx

5 days ago   ·  1

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Vilostrada shared Vilostrada Foundation's post.

Chukran Friends!!! You always have our back! #vilostrada #tanmirt #giveback
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A million thank you for your blessings these last few days! Both Fatima and Mohamed are safe back with their families in the desert. Both have medicine to take. For now, both their health conditions are under control but will be followed up early next year!!! Happy Sunday! Here a photo from one of the many flowers we saw in bloom in the Sahara recently. #tanmirt #sahara #nomad #giveback #vilostrada

Vilostrada shared their event.

We look forward to seeing you on this year’s last tagine workshop in Frigiliana this coming Tuesday! #taginelovers #vilostrada
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A good morning starts with a hot cup of tea. Good Saturday morning to you all 🙂 #vilostrada #LTLTR ... See MoreSee Less

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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — with Noureddine Afia at ‎‎Chefchaouen The Blue Pearl شفشاون الجوهرة الزرقاء‎‎.

Happiness in the true art of carpentey.
From a simple sketch, to perfection, into the client’s home.
#shopfair #morocco #vilostrada
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The joy of Vilostrada

We love to live a simple life, teaching our children a sustainable lifestyle. We set out on a mission in August 2013 and here we are. JOY!!! Our dreams come true every day! We follow our hearts and keep open,… Continue Reading →

Common Ground in Tanger & Tanmirt?

Lucas and Victoria travel to Tanger on March 8 to aid and market the Darna Art exhibit on Women’s Day at Volubilis Art Gallery. We then head south to our friends in Taroudant and Tanmirt. We have a dream of finding… Continue Reading →

God Jul – our 2015 Vilostrada road

Vilostrada is our dream of a lifestyle where we live to love the road. We sum up an adventurous 2015 on the roller coaster that is Vilostrada and also our life: VIVA Proudly Vilostrada teamed up with Estifeda for the Common Ground… Continue Reading →

Summary of Julakuten 2015

Julakuten‘s, a fundraiser benefitting 300 children at Assocation Darna, goal on November 28-29, 2015, was to raise 2 140€ (20 000 SEK) to pay for school material and a safe environment. We surpassed our goal and raised 2 390 € (22… Continue Reading →

Common Ground to focus on entrepreneurship 2016

Proud to launch this new chapter on our journey to Live to Love the Road. Amazed on how far love and believing in the good in the world have gotten us with Common Ground. So many smiles, obstacles conquered, tears,… Continue Reading →

Smedingeskolan supporting Darna and Common Ground

Our young heroes and partners at Smedingeskolan 7A with their teacher Malin Jeppsson have given so much positive energy this fall to our community building project Common Ground. Here they send their happy hello to all the children at Darna…. Continue Reading →

All you do is begin

Article by Jennie Rhodes, published in SUR English 20151120 Vilostrada, which means Viva (Live), Love and Strada (Road), calls itself a lifestyle brand. The family that run it call it the “mothership” that fuels the community building project, Common Ground. They… Continue Reading →

Julakuten benefits 300 children at Darna

Help us create safe children and give them education for a bright future. Our annual fundraiser is booked at Båt- och Sjöfartsmuseet in Onsala, Sweden November 28-29 . With our Common Ground partners in Sweden, we aim to raise 20 000… Continue Reading →

On the mountain top – where are you?

Good morning world from a Chefchaouen that welcomes us with blue, clear skies matching the color of the city set in the mountains in front of me. I sneak out after the morning prayers woke me up around 5.30 am…. Continue Reading →

Our children meet Darna

Maj (7 yrs) and Lucas(10 yrs)Ahlen list their Darna favorite activities: “Hanging out on the soccer goal as I drew here”, says Maj.  “I liked the music instrument. Great music here>>“, says Maj:     Lucas: – Play soccer with my… Continue Reading →

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