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Even in Morocco they overdo it sometimes - or how about a complete hand crafted shiny metal bathtub? :)

#shopfair #ltltr #vilostrada #crafts
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos ‚ÄĒ in Oulad Othmane, Sidi Kacem, Morocco.

Almond blossoms ūüėČ! Spring has sprung in the Draa Valley. Live to Love the Road!
#vilostrada #LTLTR #Morocco
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos ‚ÄĒ in Ouarzazate.

I love walking down a dirt road in the sun. Suddenly, I get a sense I should go right. I look around the corner and there I find hidden Moroccan treasure.
I love the artistery and love for crafs don’t you?
#shopfair #morocco #vilostrada
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Vilostrada added 4 new photos ‚ÄĒ at ‚Äé‚ÄéTamgroute " Zagora " ō™ŔÖŔÉōĪŔąō™‚Äé‚Äé.

We got lucky and found two green coffee tables made with the desert tiles. Ant takers? They can also be made to order!
#shopfair #vilostrada #morocco
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Love the colour !

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Vackra ‚̧ԳŹ

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Vilostrada is in Chefchaouene.

The sun sets over the Blue City and it changes color. A city full of artisans and hidden beauty behind each corner!

Good Night!

Photo: Joakim Ahlén

(We plan a hiking trip here in May.)
#vilostrada #morocco #travel
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Vilostrada shared Vilostrada Foundation's post.

Here is to ALL of YOU! Thank you/ Tanmirt for ypur FRIENDSHIP!! #valentine #tanmirt
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For the laughter we bring in each other’s lives! For the joy of sharing games, new pairs of shoes and dates over a cup of tea! For the JOY of friendship! Lots of Love DEAR FRIENDS on this Valentine’s! #tanmirt #vilostrada #giveback #valentine Photo: Joakim Ahlén

The day comes to an end. We walk to visit our Nomad friends in Sahara. Aicha greets us with a smile. We are welcome into her tent. In the corner, we find a gem, a treasure passed on from mother to daughter.
The white is sheep wool mixed with the light brown from the camel. The black string produced from the goats outside.
I hope of of these rugs can be our summer picnic blanket. / Victoria
#tanmirt #vilostrada #shopfair #morocco #sahara #nomad
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Good night world!

Photo: Joakim Ahlén
#tanmirt #vilostrada #morocco #sahara #nomad
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos ‚ÄĒ in Tangier, Morocco.

Triple red Kelim. Trio in happiness for your home!
#vilostrada #shopfair #Morocco
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos.

Happiness in sharing time and culture exchange always warms our hearts. Ki Krak: To Give, to Receive! We shared the game of Uno and Yatzy, shoes, dates and chicken tagine. Our Nomad friends, kindly hosted us during the storm and shared their tea, stories and bread.
Live to Love the Road!
Love from the Ahlén Family on the Tanmirt Expedition!
#tanmirt #vilostrada #giveback #valentine #sagaea #nomad #Morocco
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Common Ground in Tanger & Tanmirt?

Lucas and Victoria travel to Tanger on March 8 to aid and market the Darna Art exhibit on Women’s Day¬†at Volubilis Art Gallery. We then head south to our friends in Taroudant and Tanmirt. We have a dream of finding… Continue Reading →

Art makes people happy

On Monday January 19 our Common Ground Art project, #commongroundart, launched. Our daughter Maj, 7 years, is the boss with great help from her mentor Mohamed Raiss El Fenni at Volubilis Art Gallery in Tanger, Morocco. Contributions from all over… Continue Reading →

Common Ground Art Project 2016

Would you like to join our Art Challenge to find Common Ground 2016? Sign up for more information in this form. You will hear back from us shortly. The project will ask you to electronically or virtually produce 5 pieces… Continue Reading →

Summary of Julakuten 2015

Julakuten‘s, a fundraiser benefitting 300 children at¬†Assocation Darna, goal on November 28-29, 2015, was to raise 2 140‚ā¨ (20 000 SEK) to pay for school material and a safe environment. We surpassed our goal and raised 2 390 ‚ā¨ (22… Continue Reading →

Smedingeskolan supporting Darna and Common Ground

Our young heroes and partners at Smedingeskolan 7A with their teacher Malin Jeppsson have given so much positive energy this fall to our community building project Common Ground. Here they send their happy hello to all the children at Darna…. Continue Reading →

All you do is begin

Article by Jennie Rhodes, published in¬†SUR English 20151120 Vilostrada, which means Viva (Live), Love and Strada (Road), calls itself a lifestyle brand. The family that run it call it the ‚Äúmothership‚ÄĚ that fuels the community building project, Common Ground. They… Continue Reading →

Thank you for the first year support to Common Ground

A year ago on October 1, 2014, we started the Common Ground community building project together. A year later, we proudly sum up the events in this video of our work building global bridges with edcuation, entrepreneurship and storytelling. By… Continue Reading →

On the mountain top – where are you?

Good morning world from a Chefchaouen that welcomes us with blue, clear skies matching the color of the city set in the mountains in front of me. I sneak out after the morning prayers woke me up around 5.30 am…. Continue Reading →

En Sueco writes about Vilostrada

Today, Sara Laine at¬†En Sueco¬†– a magazine on Costa del Sol, Spain writes about our story, published in the November issue¬†pages 36-37. Since the story is in Swedish, we wanted to translate the story here for you. Photos are taken… Continue Reading →

Pallet sofa – assembly instructions

This product consists of assembly instructions to build your own pallet sofa from EUR-pallets. The instructions will be e-mailed to you after your purchase. We look to recycle and upcycle things, inspired by Darna, refo and sustainability. This pallet chair… Continue Reading →

Our children meet Darna

Maj (7 yrs) and Lucas(10 yrs)Ahlen list their Darna favorite activities: “Hanging out on the soccer goal as I drew here”, says Maj.  “I liked the music instrument. Great music here>>“, says Maj:     Lucas: – Play soccer with my… Continue Reading →

World citizienship – school starts and Common Ground finds new fuel

Welcome to a group of students in 7th grade at Smedingeskolan in Fj√§r√•s, Sweden. Their warm hearted energy to educate and be educated in world citizienship. This summer Victoria and Joakim got truly inspired by Johan Rockstr√∂m summer pod on… Continue Reading →

Common Ground meets “Sommarloventrepren√∂rer”

Meeting young entrepreneurs always makes me smile. Today I met almost 20 summer entrepreneurs¬†(Sommarlovsentrepren√∂rer)¬†in Kungsbacka over Skype. If you live nearby keep an eye out for LL film, Lina, Raisha, Jonas, Fanny and many more with new businesses ranging from… Continue Reading →

Together we made music

“She looking at me, smiling. This girl of no more than 6 years old. Laughing. Probably at how funny I look, or just because of the simple excitement of having new people visit their school out there in the middle… Continue Reading →

Common Ground collaboration for education and sustainability

Four girls co-wrote the first five chapters in a digital book called Common Ground with the tool Kissa created by Estif√©da. You will be able to view them soon. Four young heroines started sharing stories from everyday life and technology… Continue Reading →

Nour shares her first day at Unesco Mobile Learning Week

Nour Essoukri, 11 years, co-writer of the digital Common Ground book #commongroundkissa, ¬†writes after attending the Mobile Learning Week as the youngest participant today: “Aujourd’hui, j’accompagn√© papa √† l’UNESCO pour son travail. J’ai rencontr√© deux de ses coll√®gues. Victoria m’a… Continue Reading →

A Skype on Thinking Day with Askims Sjöscoutkår

A great part of running Common Ground are the global conversations and educational processes we get to join in. Yesterday, I talked to a group of scouts at √Ąventyrarna in Askims Sj√∂scoutk√•r. The scouts will soon have Thinking Day (February… Continue Reading →

Meetings in Morocco – part one

√Ösa Holm√©n, √ÖH! Betong & √Öterbruk, from Onsala, Sweden traveled with Victoria Ahl√©n to northern Morocco to learn¬†the country traditions, get involved in the starting of a women’s cooperative in Akerate as well as find inspiration for her new concrete… Continue Reading →

To give is the greatest gift of all.

One week ago, I said farewell to my father. He passed away quickly due to lung cancer. We celebrated his life and his laughter. Life teaches you to focus on the core. Life again taught me to keep giving to… Continue Reading →

Together – Common Ground – Merry Christmas

    From all of us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Follow our continued journey on our two facebook sites Vilostrada and Common Ground

The light in me sees the light in you

Yoga to support Common ground – During this autumn I‚Äôve been teaching free yoga classes to a group of teachers at a school. I handed out information about Vilostrada and Common Ground with option to donate. After the last session… Continue Reading →

School lunch enables education

“A daily school meal provides a strong incentive to send children to school and keep them there”, says World Food Programme. “They allow children to focus on their studies rather than their stomachs and boost their education by increasing school… Continue Reading →

Vilostrada – December short stories

In 24 short chapters, we share stories of building Vilostrada on our facebook page. Come close, meet the artisans, our family and stories from the heart. A chronology from the start: We started Vilostrada in August¬†2014. VI(va) + LO(ve)+STRADA =… Continue Reading →

600 wonderful Vilostrada fans

A wonderful morning to wake up and find our 600th fan on our Facebook page. Hug a friend, love a child, share a smile – we promise to do¬†all of the three¬†with¬†you. Thank you all for supporting our work with… Continue Reading →

Vilostrada recruits local talent

Meet Roumaissae Moumen, 19 years from Chefchaouen. She joined the Vilostrada team as a translator and communications assistent on November 7. “As-salam alaikum wa rahmatu allah wa barakatuh (peace be open you). This is what I was born for al… Continue Reading →

Bridging cultures with online classrooms

In 1996, I started working at the Adams Center for Teaching Excellence at Abilene Christian University as a producer. At this point, a junior Electronic Media student, I eagerly joined forces with talented people like KB Massingill, James Langford and… Continue Reading →

Adam – my life

My hobbies are soccer,¬†badminton, sport computer games guitar have some fun with friends and painting =p. My dream is to be a¬†soccer¬†pro or sport designer. My favorite food are sushi taco and pizza. I live in Sweden and I am… Continue Reading →


We aim to connect the Akerate School with the world directly in the beginning of November 2014.¬†Connect with us: 1) Schedule a Skype Classroom meeting with Victoria Ahl√©n, founder and project manager. She will share her stories of the world… Continue Reading →

Hello from Kottar och frön

– Together, children and teachers, have built a playground in the forest. There is always a long queue to wait for the swing, where the lucky swinger feel the tickling feeling in her stomach :-). Meet our friend Maria Svensson… Continue Reading →

We start with the common – the smile

– I dream of world peace.¬†For as long as I can remember, I believe in the good in our world. ¬†I smile each day and find energy to do by listening to my dream. Believe me, I had critique for… Continue Reading →

Could you start now?

“Kan du redan nu undrar Meja , Ella ,¬† Ebba , Noa och Hugo?” “Could you start now ask Meja , Ella , Ebba , Noa and Hugo?” First contact with¬†Skan√∂r, Sweden and classes in 4-6th grade over Skype. These… Continue Reading →

Connectivity – Skype Classroom

We look forward to talking to you, sharing knowledge, exchanging every day life activities. Our goal from Vilostrada is to directly connect the Akerate School with the world in the beginning of November. You can schedule a Skype Classroom meeting… Continue Reading →

Inspire and be inspired

“I look forward to inspire and be inspired, meeting new people in another culture”, says √Ösa Holm√©n founder of¬†√•h! Betong och √Öterbruksdesign. Her company started¬†in February 2014 after leaving another career behind. She now follows her passion and designs, produces… Continue Reading →

We made music together – common ground

“We made music together, and it was so special”, says Helena Antoni¬†while visiting the Akerate school for the first time today as a part of the Common Ground project. “The whole experience was absolutely perfect. On both sides, I think…. Continue Reading →

What knowledge will you share?

Launching our project Common Ground. The first chapter. Children play the same games Children draw the same images Children dream the same things Common ground = Diversity + Connectivity + Education We start with: One school ‚Äď One village ‚Äď… Continue Reading →

Young friends and supporters of Common Ground

Pontos Pre-school supports #CommonGround. Two young friends and supporters had this conversation with their mother and sister last night while going through the twins old clothes and shoes: Viggo ‚Äď We can have a garage sale! And I get the… Continue Reading →

Inspiration building Common Ground

‚ÄúCommon Ground‚ÄĚ is a project idea created by Joakim and Victoria Ahl√©n, the founders of Vilostrada – a social business dedicated to do good in Morocco through trade. It is the continuation of the Akerate School Project. Together, we provide… Continue Reading →

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