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Even in Morocco they overdo it sometimes - or how about a complete hand crafted shiny metal bathtub? :)

#shopfair #ltltr #vilostrada #crafts
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — in Oulad Othmane, Sidi Kacem, Morocco.

Almond blossoms 😉! Spring has sprung in the Draa Valley. Live to Love the Road!
#vilostrada #LTLTR #Morocco
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — in Ouarzazate.

I love walking down a dirt road in the sun. Suddenly, I get a sense I should go right. I look around the corner and there I find hidden Moroccan treasure.
I love the artistery and love for crafs don’t you?
#shopfair #morocco #vilostrada
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Vilostrada added 4 new photos — at ‎‎Tamgroute " Zagora " ŰȘÙ…ÙƒŰ±ÙˆŰȘ‎‎.

We got lucky and found two green coffee tables made with the desert tiles. Ant takers? They can also be made to order!
#shopfair #vilostrada #morocco
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Love the colour !

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Vackra ❀

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Vilostrada is in Chefchaouene.

The sun sets over the Blue City and it changes color. A city full of artisans and hidden beauty behind each corner!

Good Night!

Photo: Joakim Ahlén

(We plan a hiking trip here in May.)
#vilostrada #morocco #travel
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Vilostrada shared Vilostrada Foundation's post.

Here is to ALL of YOU! Thank you/ Tanmirt for ypur FRIENDSHIP!! #valentine #tanmirt
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For the laughter we bring in each other’s lives! For the joy of sharing games, new pairs of shoes and dates over a cup of tea! For the JOY of friendship! Lots of Love DEAR FRIENDS on this Valentine’s! #tanmirt #vilostrada #giveback #valentine Photo: Joakim AhlĂ©n

The day comes to an end. We walk to visit our Nomad friends in Sahara. Aicha greets us with a smile. We are welcome into her tent. In the corner, we find a gem, a treasure passed on from mother to daughter.
The white is sheep wool mixed with the light brown from the camel. The black string produced from the goats outside.
I hope of of these rugs can be our summer picnic blanket. / Victoria
#tanmirt #vilostrada #shopfair #morocco #sahara #nomad
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Good night world!

Photo: Joakim Ahlén
#tanmirt #vilostrada #morocco #sahara #nomad
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos — in Tangier, Morocco.

Triple red Kelim. Trio in happiness for your home!
#vilostrada #shopfair #Morocco
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Vilostrada added 3 new photos.

Happiness in sharing time and culture exchange always warms our hearts. Ki Krak: To Give, to Receive! We shared the game of Uno and Yatzy, shoes, dates and chicken tagine. Our Nomad friends, kindly hosted us during the storm and shared their tea, stories and bread.
Live to Love the Road!
Love from the Ahlén Family on the Tanmirt Expedition!
#tanmirt #vilostrada #giveback #valentine #sagaea #nomad #Morocco
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World Transplant Games – where everyone is winner

Original article published in Sweden in En Sueco July 10, 2017. by Victoria AhlĂ©n, Photo: Joakim and Victoria AhlĂ©n If you stepped into Plaza de Toros in Malaga in the end of June and saw flags from 52 countries and thousands… Continue Reading →

Go chase the feeling of dancing each morning

Radio interview with Victoria AhlĂ©n, Vilostrada, on Swedish station P4 Halland April 26, 2017, by Evelina MyrbĂ€ck, play forward to 1:02:30. English translation to Swedish article on SR P4 Halland interviewing Victoria AhlĂ©n, Vilostrada: The AhlĂ©n Family sold the house in… Continue Reading →

Honoring Amazing Women

All humanÂŽs need to be equal and have the right to live a happy life. Our eyes meet, (yes, we are strangers but in our work in Morocco), the laughter and sisterhood/ humanity carry our mutual work. In the smiles… Continue Reading →

Culture of the Nomad about to perish

Article published in German in Neues Deutschland  Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 Spanish/Swedish relief organisation supports inhabitants in the Moroccan, Sahara Behind the mighty Atlas Mountains in the Sahara live the poorest of the poor of Morocco. Relief organisation Vilostrada Foundation… Continue Reading →

School project – shoes and solarpanels

By: Victoria AhlĂ©n Photo: Joakim AhlĂ©n Article published in En Sueco in February 2016., p. 26-27 “The best thing about this trip to the Sahara and Morocco was to give away shoes. It felt amazing”, says Maj AhlĂ©n, 8 years…. Continue Reading →

Vilostrada turns a new page in the book of life 2017

Oh, how I wish you could all experience Sahara with is eternal wisdom and peace. I can at least try to bring you with me through our photos, videos and blogs. No photo can give it justice but simply create… Continue Reading →

Tagine – How to get started

Enjoy  the Joy of Cooking Together The tagine is Morocco’s national dish and something all of us can cook. Here are our short tips to get started.  Soak your eco tagine lid in water for 24 hrs. Pour any kitchen… Continue Reading →

Julakuten secures education for a year in Tanmirt, Sahara

“All children have the right to education” is a vision that unites our volunteer powers in the Vilostrada Foundation’s yearly event “Julakuten” in Onsala, says Victoria Ahlen, founder. “Together we can now provide education during the next year and that… Continue Reading →

Wisehug from Wisehub

“Row 19, please keep up the good job and keep distrupting with your happiness and laughter, thank you for making this overseas flight such an enjoyable one for all of us.” Could you imagine if this was the ordinary comment… Continue Reading →

Why Vilostrada

During my last trip to Tanmirt, Sahara, in October, I took the opportunity to record this video for you from the heart of humanity. From my heart to yours. This is why we do Vilostrada. This is why I will… Continue Reading →

Tanmirt – 358 m left for running water

358 m of tube for running water, this is all that is left for part one of the Tanmirt project. How many meters can you support? 3,5€/m to secure life and education. On October 10-17, Hanna Sjögren (Rays of Me)… Continue Reading →

Travel advice for your trip to Morocco

Welcome and Marhaba to a country me and my family call “home”. You are about to enter a magical world of kindness, color and artistic detail in every corner. Meet the Moroccans with kindness (as you should all) and you… Continue Reading →

1000 likes – 1000 and more Vilostrada hugs

From the first Vilostrada facebook page like back in August 2013,  where this photo will represent that happy day to…. …Our super friend, mega-fan and partner Fran Rajewski gave us a push yesterday September 25 encouraging her friends to like…… Continue Reading →

A Tagine workshop grants insight look into Moroccan cuisine

SUR – German edition Thursday, September 15th 2016 by Marlene Wörner, translated by Alex Vogt Victoria and Joakim AhlĂ©n launched a non-profit education project in the desert. Parts of their profits benefit Moroccan kids. FRIGILIANA. ‘Live to love the road’, which in… Continue Reading →

A background story, finding your soil

– Salam Alejkoum I greet the custom’s agent as I hand him my papers and passport. – Are you a Moroccan resident, the custom’s agent asks me? – No,  I simply love Morocco. I help 500 children since three years… Continue Reading →

Common Ground in Tanger & Tanmirt?

Lucas and Victoria travel to Tanger on March 8 to aid and market the Darna Art exhibit on Women’s Day at Volubilis Art Gallery. We then head south to our friends in Taroudant and Tanmirt. We have a dream of finding… Continue Reading →

Personal shopping tour with Anki

Anki traveled with Victoria in November 2015  to furnish her new B&B – Villa Dolores, a personal shopping tour with Vilostrada. We maxed four days of exploring & shopping in Tanger, Oued Laou and Chefchaouen. “A personal and great experience… Continue Reading →

Finding beauty on the road

You know routine, these things that fill our every day and most sigh loudly about? We changed ours drastically in August 2013, when we moved to Andalucia in Spain. We added more variety when we decided I would go to… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday and Give More 2016

Happy Birthday to me and the rest of you in the world I share it with. One of the lessons I learnt while working with Vilostrada, is that we must love and accept ourselves for who we are before we can… Continue Reading →

The desert has no doors 

An old Berber saying would make my Christmas wish for peace and love true. A trip in on our Life to Love the Road Tour (#LTLTR) in southern Morocco with my husband Joakim. On Christmas Day our petite taxi awaits… Continue Reading →

God Jul – our 2015 Vilostrada road

Vilostrada is our dream of a lifestyle where we live to love the road. We sum up an adventurous 2015 on the roller coaster that is Vilostrada and also our life: VIVA Proudly Vilostrada teamed up with Estifeda for the Common Ground… Continue Reading →

All you do is begin

Article by Jennie Rhodes, published in SUR English 20151120 Vilostrada, which means Viva (Live), Love and Strada (Road), calls itself a lifestyle brand. The family that run it call it the “mothership” that fuels the community building project, Common Ground. They… Continue Reading →

En Sueco writes about Vilostrada

Today, Sara Laine at En Sueco – a magazine on Costa del Sol, Spain writes about our story, published in the November issue pages 36-37. Since the story is in Swedish, we wanted to translate the story here for you. Photos are taken… Continue Reading →

Preparing for a three day hike in Rif Mountains

The day finally arrived when the mule stood there packed on the Akchour parking lot at the end of September. Three friends from Spain had said yes to coming on an adventure with me to go up in the Rif… Continue Reading →

Common Ground meets “Sommarloventreprenörer”

Meeting young entrepreneurs always makes me smile. Today I met almost 20 summer entrepreneurs (Sommarlovsentreprenörer) in Kungsbacka over Skype. If you live nearby keep an eye out for LL film, Lina, Raisha, Jonas, Fanny and many more with new businesses ranging from… Continue Reading →

Meetings in Morocco – part one

Åsa HolmĂ©n, ÅH! Betong & Återbruk, from Onsala, Sweden traveled with Victoria AhlĂ©n to northern Morocco to learn the country traditions, get involved in the starting of a women’s cooperative in Akerate as well as find inspiration for her new concrete… Continue Reading →


We aim to connect the Akerate School with the world directly in the beginning of November 2014. Connect with us: 1) Schedule a Skype Classroom meeting with Victoria AhlĂ©n, founder and project manager. She will share her stories of the world… Continue Reading →

If not now, when?

We will connect our common ground with the world, give them other possibilities. You as a supporter, we need you. Cheer us on, share your knowledge, share our story, imagine and innovate your ideas = JOIN US #commonground. Vilostrada teamed… Continue Reading →

Book launch and happiness

When I was about 7 years old, I said “I wish for world peace”. I kept on dreaming about changing the world to a more beautiful place for all of us. Later today, a dream comes true when we launch… Continue Reading →

Vilostrada – KĂ€rlek förĂ€ndrar liv

PRESSMEDDELANDE ”Vi lĂ€mnade vĂ„ra jobb och allt vi hade i Sverige för att leva livet som vi lĂ€rde. Vi Ă€r en familj som Ă€lskar barn, livet och Ă€r samhĂ€llsentreprenörer men vi behövde en förĂ€ndring. Vi byggde upp ett nytt liv… Continue Reading →

Viva – inspiration and happiness

What is the result when you go to work loving what you do and with the people you love the most? Our first Vilostrada event #VIVA – inspiration and happiness on July 1-3. We invite you to meetings, photo exhibit,… Continue Reading →

A new lifestyle brand is born

August 24 we left Göteborg, Sweden for sunny Frigiliana in Spain. We decided to change our way of life and build a new life focusing on our dreams, more time with the children we love, and making this world a better… Continue Reading →

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