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Åsa Holmén, founder of åh! Betong och Återbruksdesign, joined us the summer of 2014 for the premiere VIVA exhibits in Onsala, Sweden. In her concrete/remake artisan shop she teaches courses and sells interior products for home & gardens in concrete and recycled materials. She is also a valued team member in our yearly fundraiser Julakuten in Onsala120.

In January 2015, Åsa traveled with us to teach crafts to rural women outside Chefchaouen during a week. You can read about her journey to Dardara/Chefchaouen with Common Ground here>>
When she returned to Sweden she incorporated Moroccan design in her concrete crafts.

Åsa Holmen ÅH Betong & Återbruk concrete table morocco common ground    ÅH betong & återbruksdesign

Together we will include design & manufacture products that combine Moroccan artisan crafts with the Nordic style as one part of our project Common Ground. “I do what I love and I am happy to share the knowledge. Together we can build a sustainable society and lifestyle that I cherish,” says Åsa.