In Onsala, Sweden, you can purchase Vilostrada artisan goods at Klippa. They share our mutual passion for doing good. Eirin Persson is also a close friend of Victoria’s and a superwoman. Eirin also is a part the board of Why5 for Life that is in charge of the project Common Ground.
common-ground-five-onsala-      klippa vilostrada rif svartvit keramik
I support Vilostrada’s win-win business models. This is the only way to create sustainable change if you ask me – connecting social good with doing business”, says Eirin. Her children often support and follow her path. Her son bought his sister a Vilostrada bracelet on his birthday. All her children, we proudly named our young ambassadors.

We have also successfully done three50 events in Onsala – VIVA and Julakuten.