unå musik logga mellan mörk gråblå

One invaluable partner is the music production company UNÅ Music and its founders Ulf and Åsa Nomark. They are artists, composers and choir directors. They have a vision of a whole and united world – we are all connected and dependent on each other. The new Vilostrada community building project ”Common Ground” is named after a song “Common Ground“, UNÅ Music released early 2014.

”We live in a world were we need to start focusing on what unites us, our common ground”, Ulf explains. ”It’s time for building up, not tearing down” – a phrase from the song describing what we want to achieve in the project.

In June 2015, Ulf and Åsa joined us for a workshop in Dardara with creative minds – Building a global bridge with arts, friendship & entrepreneurship

We have also successfully done threee11011 events in Onsala – VIVA and Julakuten.

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