“Genuine stuff that takes you on a journey to the heart of humanity.”

LIVE TO LOVE THE ROAD – inspiration to find your soil and soul in the world. Come with us on a journey here every day or book to travel with us!

SHOP FAIR – Expert Moroccan artisan buyer and personal shopper at your service. We love Tagine and run cookery workshops as well.

GIVE BACK – Education for Life! Together with the Nomads in Tanmirt, Sahara, we build a sustainable circle to give back to the heart of humanity with the Vilostrada Foundation. #tanmirt #giveback

Marhaba – Welcome – Välkommen – Bienvendios!

HISTORY – Let us take it from the beginning

Vilostrada as an idea was born in 2010 – 2011 in the minds of Victoria and Joakim Ahlén during world travelling. Seeing both struggles, opportunities and how families and trading can be affected by both economic difficulties, the 2004 tsunami, and the drawbacks of the consumer society made something tick. In 2013, the idea went into action as Vilostrada as a brand and the rough plan – the Why – was born.

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  • Our popular tagine workshops kick of April 24 in Frigiliana.
  • Come traveling to Morocco with us. Personal shopping in northern Morocco or why not join us in the Sahara in October/November 2018, January/February 2019. For more information email hello(at)vilostrada.com and keep and eye out on our social channels as well.
  • Book and film project with Vilostrada Foundation from the Tanmirt Expedition, Ki Krak: to give, to receive planned to launch in December 2018.
  • Victoria, Lucas and Maj moved out into the Sahara to work and live with the Nomads on January 14 – March 14.
    Follow them here Tanmirt Expedition with the Vilostrada Foundation.