“Genuine stuff that takes you on a journey to the heart of humanity.”

SHOP FAIR – Expert Moroccan artisan buyer and personal shopper at your service. We love Tagine and run cookery workshops as well.
LIVE TO LOVE THE ROAD – inspiration to find your soil and soul in the world. Come with us on a journey here every day or book to travel with us!
GIVE BACK – Education for Life! Together with the Nomads in Tanmirt, Sahara, we build a sustainable circle to give back to the heart of humanity with the Vilostrada Foundation. #tanmirt #giveback

Marhaba – Welcome – Välkommen – Bienvendios!

HISTORY – Let us take it from the beginning

Vilostrada as an idea was born in 2010 – 2011 in the minds of Victoria and Joakim Ahlén during world travelling. Seeing both struggles, opportunities and how families and trading can be affected by both economic difficulties, the 2004 tsunami, and the drawbacks of the consumer society made something tick. In 2013, the idea went into action as Vilostrada as a brand and the rough plan – the Why – was born.

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  • Lucas and Victoria travel to work in South Africa October 12 – 24 promoting Vilostrada and Vilostrada Foundation methods to the Wisehub educational community. #giveback
  • We proudly introduce our client´s flat that we personal shopped, #shopfair, and project managed the whole renovation since May. See the before and after photos on our facebook here:
  • Media gives us attention. Read all published articles on the Vilostrada Press pages.
    Die nomadische Kultur geht gerade unter neues deutschland luise wagner vilostrada foundationvilostrada foundation en sueco february 2017 shoebox school frigiliana
  • Victoria researches and starts book project in southern Morocco during January with Brahim Elaabdouli.
    The team also meets new artisans and extends our collaboration network in southern Morocco.
    With the Vilostrada Foundation, they hire a new teacher to work alongside the nomads, plant Moringa seeds in the desert and plan for future trips to be offered.
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IMG_8498   joakim victoria ahlen vilostrada common ground darna tanger   ahlen vilostrada darna common ground

  • Our whole family meet in Tanger in October to get to know Association Darna. Darna means house in Arabic and the currently provide a safe haven for 300 children. We go and visit the Theathre, the Farm, the Women´s House and Darna House for Children.
  • Victoria travels to work at the South Africa conference – the Wisehub on October 16-18. The summit is held in Bloemfontein. She is in charge of digital communications, teaching storytelling and coaching entrepreneurs. Keep an eye out at #wisehub2015. We form alliances with amazing educators and learn from each other. Victoria shares the Vilostrada story to inspire everyone to build/take action from love and passion.
  • We sum up our first year 2014-2015 with our non-profit, community building project Common Ground in a video here.
  • We arrange a fundraiser with Swedish partners Klippa, Åsa & Ulf Nomark, åh! betong & återbruk benefitting Common Ground’s partner Association Darna. In a few days we raise more than 2 000 € for the children’s education. Maj, Joakim and Victoria with friends travel to Tanger on Dec 9-10 to share the Christmas gift with them from all of us.
  • During all of the season 2015, we kept a successful stall at the Garden Centre Eco Market. We want to thank all our customers for an amazing first year and we cherish meeting each and everyone of you. Our conversations hearing your examples about sustainable living fuel our continued work and will have more space on our site next year. We thank each client for your smiles and purchases. Rachel Saunders and Maria you are amazing women who built the market with us stall holders.
  • Joakim and Victoria travel to southern Morocco gathering material for our second book. Follow our adventures on the facebook site and Vilostrada instagram.

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Welcome to join our journey. Meeting you, connecting, sharing stories is what is all about.

Live to Love the Road. With love,

Victoria and Joakim Ahlén

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