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Moroccan Style Summer Outdoor Spaces

I focus on these three areas when creating our summer spaces in my favourite Moroccan style: Lighting and lanterns. You can never add too much. Textiles in lots of color creates warmth and welcoming fresh spaces. Quick fixes include tray… Continue Reading →

How the nomad cross led us to Sahara

One of my many days in Chefchaouen our first year, I was in Said Rincon’s store. My eyes caught a beautiful piece of jewelry. This piece became a great friend and a treasure I wear many of my days. This was… Continue Reading →

Eco Tagine

Eco tagine, made by clay and water from Oued Laou on the northern coast of Morocco. Burnt at the home of our talented artisan Aicha, her story and the process to make the tagines you can read more about here shortly…. Continue Reading →

Moroccan wood screens

Special order your Moroccan wood screens hand made by our talented artisan Noureddine Afia in Chefchaouen. Here are a few examples of his work: Prizes start a 70€ + shipping.  

Personal shopping tour with Anki

Anki traveled with Victoria in November 2015  to furnish her new B&B – Villa Dolores, a personal shopping tour with Vilostrada. We maxed four days of exploring & shopping in Tanger, Oued Laou and Chefchaouen. “A personal and great experience… Continue Reading →

Pallet sofa – assembly instructions

This product consists of assembly instructions to build your own pallet sofa from EUR-pallets. The instructions will be e-mailed to you after your purchase. We look to recycle and upcycle things, inspired by Darna, refo and sustainability. This pallet chair… Continue Reading →

Pallet sofa

We look to recycle and upcycle things, inspired by Darna, refo and sustainability. This pallet sofa is made by old pallets with a worn, rustic look, design by Vilostrada. It fits perfectly for your outdoor sitting area or even for a restaurant… Continue Reading →

Hand made stool

This is a beautifully crafted hand wood made stool, colorful string, made in Marrakesh. This stool can be ordered in colors of your choice. At home this serves as a foot stool, children’s stool and in the kitchen to reach… Continue Reading →

Large iron heart-shaped hook

Hand forged heart-shaped hook in iron in large size. Made by Abdellah Zroudi, local blacksmith in Chefchaouen, Morocco. ​”My dream is to continue designing and working as a blacksmith. One day, I want to get married.  I need to raise… Continue Reading →

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