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1 week ago

A reflection from my filmmaker friend Remi Bumstead who recently visited us in Sahara during the Janga Bus adventure. 
Live to Love the Road. 

#travel #morocco #vilostrada

A reflection from my filmmaker friend Remi Bumstead who recently visited us in Sahara during the Janga Bus adventure.
Live to Love the Road.

#travel #morocco #vilostradaComing back home after finishing the @jangabus project has been a pretty odd experience. On the one hand it was so nice to come back to my home, my space, and my plants. But on the other hand I now cannot leave it hah.

This is a very strange time for everyone across the world but it is a shared experience. We are all in it together. People are talking about making the most of this time, doing lots of things - ‘Shakespeare wrote shit loads of plays in quarantine blabla..’ And yeah if this is what you want to do then fuck yeah go for it. However it is also a chance to rest, take stock, contemplate, just be rather than do. The planet is also allowed to just rest and be for a while too which I’m sure she is very happy about.

There’s gonna be some big changes and possibly things will never go back to the way they were. This is a good chance to think about what’s important.

Also I realised I have a lot of pictures of sand 🐪
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2 weeks ago

When you keep shopping from us, we keep feeding amazing artisans of Morocco. 

#shopfair #morocco

When you keep shopping from us, we keep feeding amazing artisans of Morocco.

#shopfair #moroccoJag försörjer 250 fattiga och deras familjer. Hjälp mitt företag att överleva!
I morse lämnade jag Marocko bakom mej. Jag lämnade en hel hög med freelancande människor som inte kommer att ha någon försörjning den närmsta tiden. jag kan inte låta mitt företag gå i graven. det är för många männsikor som behöver mej.
Jag har spendarat den sista veckan med att utbilda dem kring immunförsvar och vad de kan göra för att hålla sej lugna.
Nu är jag på väg hem och hoppas bara kunna fortsätta handla av dem, stötta dem..
Vi lyfter små entreprenörer som lever på sitt hantverk, produktutvecklar, coachar, marknadsför. För att de sak ha en bra lön. Vi gör det med hjärta och själ. Familjekänslan är stark.

Jag önskar inge över konsumtion men om du kan o vill handla, dela, berätta för era vänner om det arbetet vi gör så hjälps vi åt att stärka rättvis handel och försörja en hel massa människor.
Vi ger alltid genersöt av våra inkomster det är därför vi är på plats men nu lovar jag att ge 10% av alla intcäkter direkt till behövande familjer för att de ska få mat på sina bord.

Läs mitt inlägg från igår här:
Today I did the family round... among the people in my team here. I can calculate about 250 good hearted people here in Marrakech. People that would never steal, never cheat someone, always offer a smile and a kindness, always give more than they get. The people that took my son round in a carossa since he was a baby, the people who stand up for me in conflict, the people who serve us the sweetest tea and ask how my family is. the people that would offer me the roof tops to do yoga in sunset, creating unforgettable memories for visitors, that would almost give away a carpet just to make a client smile. The people that create the most beautiful things of wood, ceramic and art. The once that knows how much i love them and their city.
I had to put my hand into my pocket so many times. Because i know they have nothing.
Those people...
this is what I am here for.

This is why I hope my business will survive.
those people

I bought a round of pomegranate juices for the homeless, giving them some vitamins, I secured the food on the table for some people, in the empty streets of this town.

There is so much fear in the air... near neurosis. young men in face maskes heading for the bus station going back to their mums, with our without a virus. The doors of most of the small souk shops are shut and no cafes are allowed to serve food. The mosques are calling out prayers but no one can go.
I am now heading for a flight home on Thursday. away from my love. away from my business. to uncertainty. I know... this is why I meditate. My mind is calm, mostly. My heart is breaking for the world as we live in.
I support 250+ craftsmen.
In my mind I can just hope that we in this become so much more conscious about who makes the stuff that we buy. these are people with good hearts, some things fall appart
but damn... may it not be our family.
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3 weeks ago

We offer a safe haven in Sahara. Welcome!Image attachmentImage attachment

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3 weeks ago


Two happy Nomads with no worries in the world. Sahara, I love you. May your peace comfort the world during the coming weeks. Live to Love the Road.
#vilostrada #morocco
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4 weeks ago


#Internationalwomensday celebrated with the Vilostrada friends, women & girls of Hay Massira. Henna, smiles, laughter and my tea (roibos with agave syrup).
Live to Love the Road.
#tanmirtjunior #vilostrada #morocco
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1 month ago

Souk textile treasures. 
I go each week to simple soak in the beauty of patterns, color and to let my imagination fly free to what they could become. The local Draa women buy 5 m and wrap themselves cleverly in them... me? I made curtains, kaftans, headscarves and blouses. / 😉 Victoria

Your ideas?

#shopfair #vilostrada #moroccoImage attachmentImage attachment

Souk textile treasures.
I go each week to simple soak in the beauty of patterns, color and to let my imagination fly free to what they could become. The local Draa women buy 5 m and wrap themselves cleverly in them... me? I made curtains, kaftans, headscarves and blouses. / 😉 Victoria

Your ideas?

#shopfair #vilostrada #morocco
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Halloj! Jag skulle behöva uppdatera tyget vid uteköket som utstått både sol och regn :).

1 month ago


This is what you give back to when you buy our services.

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1 month ago

Out and about Moroccan nature... a pop quiz for you: What is the green curly thing?

Live to Love the Road.
#morocco #travel #vilostrada

Out and about Moroccan nature... a pop quiz for you: What is the green curly thing?

Live to Love the Road.
#morocco #travel #vilostrada
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600 wonderful Vilostrada fans

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Vilostrada recruits local talent

Meet Roumaissae Moumen, 19 years from Chefchaouen. She joined the Vilostrada team as a translator and communications assistent on November 7. “As-salam alaikum wa rahmatu allah wa barakatuh (peace be open you). This is what I was born for al… Continue Reading →

We start with the common – the smile

– I dream of world peace. For as long as I can remember, I believe in the good in our world.  I smile each day and find energy to do by listening to my dream. Believe me, I had critique for… Continue Reading →

Inspire and be inspired

“I look forward to inspire and be inspired, meeting new people in another culture”, says Åsa Holmén founder of åh! Betong och Återbruksdesign. Her company started in February 2014 after leaving another career behind. She now follows her passion and designs, produces… Continue Reading →

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