We can change the world. We should laugh every day with people we love.
Today marks the celebration of 40 great years in my life with people I love and living in a world I love.


Together we can easily do 40 good deeds in 2015. Do  you have a challenge for me (us)?

In Akerate village, 100 households keep my mind occupied. In the year I have known of their existence, I have fallen in love with a new culture, happy children, admirable teachers and Moroccan entrepreneurs like Jaber El Hababi. I got to know women who work extremely hard for an every day life. They opened my eyes to a world where I belong. They welcomed us. I learned that together we can make a difference. Not by always having the right answer, but simply by trying to share the knowledge we have. We connected worlds and started building bridges. I accept a continued challenge.


In my old home town, Onsala, Sweden, the best supporters help all they can. Åsa and Ulf Nomark, Eirin Persson and Åsa Holmén – All entrepreneurs with huge hearts for our common future, our common ground. We started a journey together and today marks the beginning of a first challenge, a beautiful dream we share, a women’s cooperative in Akerate. We are starting a new fundraiser, an investment in our common future. A way to create self sustainability. It is our way of giving and sharing what we know and the connections we have.

In my global home, the support online with cheers and help from all dear friends and work connections have been tremendous. From Texas, Chicago, Spain, New Zealand, Finland, Åland, Norway, Germany etc, it is sometimes overwhelming. Proudly, I can add Lamar University in Texas to our group as well as Estiféda. Our global network keeps growing.

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In honor of my father, who sadly left our world only a few days ago, I dedicate my birthday and my 2015 to 40 good deeds, to a celebration of entrepreneurship and COMMON GROUND. Join us in building bridges. Join our journey. Find out more how to get involved here>>

Lots of love.
🙂 Victoria

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