Fall means school start. Our children start September 10 here in Frigiliana, Spain. Their old school friends at Pontos started all ready last week. Maj will start first grade and for her the new school bag and pen pocket ranks high on the wish list. I wonder what our friends in Akerate school dream of? We go visit them early next week to make plans and put the raised money so far into business. School lunch, every day all year, running water in the toilets and to drink for all classrooms. We also bring fresh school supplies with paper, pens, colors and of course donated clothes and toys with our partner Auberge Dardara. All this make a difference. This fall we will launch a pen pal opportunity for your school or your child. Information will be published soon. Thank you again for following our journey. Thank you for all donations this past 8 months that made it all possible and for believing. Love changes lives – #helloakerate.

Imagine if this could be reality? Bridging Our Future inspiration by Intel: