A great part of running Common Ground are the global conversations and educational processes we get to join in. Yesterday, I talked to a group of scouts at Äventyrarna in Askims Sjöscoutkår. The scouts will soon have Thinking Day (February 22):
“an opportunity to study and appreciate other countries and cultures, and equally increase awareness and sensitivity on global concerns”.

I shared stories from the days I was a scout in the same association (1980-1993) and how I used what I learnt. “Scouting a lifestyle”. In all my companies and projects, I have used the device “learning by doing”. Now used every day with Common Ground in both the fundraising, creating a festival, running the women’s cooperative and preparing for a UNESCO exhibit.

Here a few glimpses from the story I shared:

  1. Akerate School where 60 children go to school, ages 5-12, four school buildings.
    We traveled there as a family first time on December 25, 2014. Our children showed the way for us to start the #helloakerate school project that developed into Common Ground in October 2014.children akerate school common ground morocco vilostrada  akerate school first visit rubber boots and soccer ball jennifer lamar university at akerate school common ground morocco
    akerate buidling common ground 1 Lucas_021 Lucas_022
  2. 120 households live in Akerate village. We started a women’s cooperative in January 2015.
    akerata village common ground morocco  akerate common ground generations happy akerate village common ground

The scouts from A-sjö sent their hello here and a the cheer “the watermelon” to say thanks. I hope we meet again.

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