Now we launch a collaboration program where worlds meet and education is key. The future of Morocco will close in on the world. We dream of a sustainable solution where Vilostrada and friends act as the spark and enablers. We dream of self-sustaining business models to be tested in the Dardara area and shared with others around the globe.
We dream that you will inspired to get involved.

In Akerate, 60 school children ages 5-15 attend school in the small mountain village, a few kilometers from Auberge Dardara, approximately 12 km from Chefchaouen. Three current buildings house them. Today, no running water accessible and they lack sufficient electricity, wifi and technology.

Twice, we have visited the school to learn more about current status and needs. Already the school and the children received pens, papers, crayons, reading glasses and clothes thanks to kind donations from our network. During the spring our goal is to add solar panels and prepare for running water for sanitary purposes.
During the fall and winter of 2013, we have been to visit the area several times to meet local artisans, learn about the culture and the challenges.


  • From Friday February 7, at least 10% of the proceeds from the Vilostrada webshop go to the school. You will also be able to donate directly to the “school fund”.
  • We will work closely with business partners and local artisans to form a long-term sustainable alliance. Have an idea how you could support/get involved? Get in touch hello(at)
  • Global experts on Mobile Learning will step in to supervise and aid our beginning steps to form a gateway to the world from Akerate. Victoria will travel to Unesco´s annual Mobile Learning Week February 17-20 to form further alliances with existing programs.

We promise to post updates continually. More news to follow.

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