On Monday January 19 our Common Ground Art project, #commongroundart, launched. Our daughter Maj, 7 years, is the boss with great help from her mentor Mohamed Raiss El Fenni at Volubilis Art Gallery in Tanger, Morocco. Contributions from all over the world all ready in.
Who are you? Share your first contribution before February 5.

Why did you want to do this project?
–Art makes people happy. It is fun to do something with other children and people. Because then others can see that we can help each other. Art is fun. You can draw whatever you want, says Maj.

What happens when you start creating? 

– I feel happy and my art makes other people happy. I think the other kids and people around the world who are joining will enjoy it as much as me. May 1 is my birthday, I wonder what and how many pieces of artwork we have received by then? I would like to show all our mutual art to the world.

Keep and eye on the blog, the website for #CommonGroundArt and Common Ground facebook.