In 1996, I started working at the Adams Center for Teaching Excellence at Abilene Christian University as a producer. At this point, a junior Electronic Media student, I eagerly joined forces with talented people like KB Massingill, James Langford and George Saltsman. They gave me valuable tools and implanted trust in all of us student workers. We connected classrooms, provided long-distance-learning and produced live TV-shows. We built a bridge from the traditional classroom to the national online classroom. Their work continued, digitally connecting ACU bringing iphones to all incoming freshman as one example. The people I worked with back then have continued doing excellence in their fields since then.

In 2012, I needed a ride form Abilene to Austin to join the SXSW conference. George Saltsman offered to take me. During those four hours, we talked without pause. My life´s mission found a new course changing from digital strategy to education. We opened up our toolbox again. We kept talking. George convinced me to come to UNESCO Mobile Learning Week in 2013 and of course I went.

Two and half years later,  we connected worlds with Vilostrada, Lamar University and Auberge Dardara. George, or Dr George Saltsman, works for Lamar and connected me with professors Dr Diane Mason, Dr Jennifer Butcher and Dr Babette Eikenberg.  The summer of 2015, the first group of doctoral students join forces with us in a summer school exchange program together with the Chefchaouen schools.

In Akerate School, we taught a class together last Wednesday.

We dream big and we will share more soon.