unesco mlw2014

Walking into the UNESCO building adds a sense of completeness. No rain or grey skies can take away the feeling that a childhood dream of peace will happen. I know that teachers like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela enforced my conviction as well as many other teachers I had over my 16-year of schooling as well as the continuing meetings with distinguished people from all around the world. A teacher in my mind, is a person who shares their knowledge for the greater good of mankind.

The Mobile Learning Week 2014 focused on teachers.  “Teachers are the single most influential and powerful force for equity, access and quality in education, Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO.”

Preparing and researching our goal to bring mobile learning and connectivity to the children in Akerate, I went looking for the examples of both success and failure, advisory board members and Northern African contacts to co-work with during the coming years. I found treasure.

Glad to visit with old a new friends and grateful for the  support by my friends George Saltsman and Theophilus Van Rensburg Lindzter as well as Ernest Radal.

Let us make this world a better place – TOGETHER.

All photos and more links from #mlw2014 in the Vilostrada Facebook album: Teachers I met>>



Adele Botha ict4redMs Sasithara Pichaichannarong, Secretary General, Education Council of Thailand