• Four girls co-wrote the first five chapters in a digital book called Common Ground with the tool Kissa created by Estiféda. You will be able to view them soon.
    Four young heroines started sharing stories from everyday life and technology empowered them.
    Nour, one of the girls traveled with us and shared her story live in three languages in the UNESCO building. Maybe the youngest participant ever?
  • We showcased Common Ground and the work by the women’s cooperative in Akerate and work by the school children.
  • We also collected more than 100 drawn handprints from participants we had the honor of sharing conversations with from all over the world. These will be published. Stay tuned for more on that story.
  • We got called to a meeting on the 4th floor of the UNESCO building… stay tuned.
  • All partners met live during three days. 80% of our collaboration have been digital with the use of Skype and Google Drive.
  • College of Education at Lamar University finalised the enrollment for the first class called Global Education being taught in Akerate/Dardara/Chefchaouen in July 2015.

    These were in short our contribution to the UNESCO/UN Women Mobile Learning Week in Paris last week. All our mutual goal: Leveraging technology to empower girls and women