Meeting young entrepreneurs always makes me smile. Today I met almost 20 summer entrepreneurs (Sommarlovsentreprenörer) in Kungsbacka over Skype. If you live nearby keep an eye out for LL film, Lina, Raisha, Jonas, Fanny and many more with new businesses ranging from filmmaking, eco skincare, massage, steet-dance day camps and lots more.

I shared my dreams with them and the stories behind Vilostrada and Common Ground.

victoria ahlen sommarboss kungsbacka commonground  Vilostrada Common Ground Chefchaouen textiles

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  • Go searching for your passion and keep the fire burning. We never wrote a business plan for Vilostrada. Love guides us to find a sustainable road for the future together as a family.
  • Give to receive. Our children, Maj and Lucas, showed the way for us with Common Ground. They constantly give of their things, time and find ways to run mini-fundraisers to support.
  • If you can, why not add a social good cause to your business idea. Make sure they collaborate to create a sustainable circle.
  • We share our stories of every day life, the people we meet and trade with, people who inspire us and stories about what we learn.
  • Dream big. I got to visit, work and exhibit at UNESCO, a dream I had all ready when I was 7 yrs old.
  • Build your global network with LinkedIn and give to receive. Look me up and we are connected for life.

I look forward to sharing these #commongroundhand (s) from Kungsbacka with the world. Follow the link if you want to participate too.


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