Proud to launch this new chapter on our journey to Live to Love the Road. Amazed on how far love and believing in the good in the world have gotten us with Common Ground. So many smiles, obstacles conquered, tears, wins, frustration, love and hope. YOU are all a part of the Vilostrada journey.
We all come from the same tree.

After a successful month with the fundraiser with Julakuten in Sweden and a visit in Tanger, we are fueled and grateful. If you would like a diploma of your donation to share for example at Christmas, we made a printable Chukran Common Ground print diploma 2015.

CHUKRAN Common Ground Diploma   maj ahlen common ground art for darna christmas 2015

All children have the right to an education. We collaborate with Association Darna in Tanger and Oapam in Chefchaouen.
We aim to invest in entrepreneurial teaching and innovations. During early 2016, we will form “the Common Ground Entrepreneurship Board” who will assist in the process. For our Christmas campaign, we set a goal to have a starting fund of at least 2 500 €.  We can accept applications for ventures to safely grow and become self-sufficient over time.

Thanks to several new company partners such as Volubilis Art Gallery, Kasbah Rose, Beach Yoga Linda and Unique Workout Bootcamps, we look to 2016 with a big smile. We also thank for the amazing support by our donors and fans from all over the world as well as all Vilostrada customers who daily support our work. And to meet our Common Ground partners read here>>

Read more and make your Christmas donation here