We aim to connect the Akerate School with the world directly in the beginning of November 2014. Connect with us:

1) Schedule a Skype Classroom meeting with Victoria Ahlén, founder and project manager.
She will share her stories of the world in northern Morocco and her dream of a better future for all children.
She can also share stories from her first year working in Morocco, connecting with the school children and what she learnt so far about traditions, foods, games, activities and nature.
Your questions matter. Share them before our during the conversation.

2) Share your thoughts in a YouTube-film, blog, tweet, WhatsApp.
Make sure to get our attention and mark @vilostrada or @victoriaahlen #commonground. E-mail here hello(at)@vilostrada.com

3) Travel with us to Morroco. E-mail hello(at)vilostrada.com