A productive first day of school in the Tanmirt Desert camp with Susan Lock as our artisan instructor from Nerja, Spain. “I traveled here to share my passion for crafts and look forward to exchanging ideas with the Nomads and the Amazigh women in the region”, says Susan.


crocheting tanmirt desert camp vilostrada foundation

Set in a Nomad tent at the foot of the dunes, laughter filled the air as we started a first sowing lesson with Sahara, Saida and Fatima:

  • tacking, running and blanket stitch
  • the importance of sowing in a straight line, using the rural (introducing centimeters, rectangular corners)
  • tips on how to cut out fabric.
  • we upcycled old clothes to make bags in various shapes and techniques to put new skills into practice
  • crocheting straight corners also seemed a bit of challenge so we spent some time on that too

First Tanmirt Desert Camp school product ucycled bag vilostrada foundation

Our youngest participant, Afro 7 years got busy with an alphabet puzzle, colouring book and a clown game.

Afro Tanmirt Desert Camp vilostrada foundation

These new skills aims to give the women ideas of crafts they can produce to sell on local markets and skills to sell to their close community.

“The Moroccan women are the politest I have ever worked with. We found a similar language and we simply mix the languages we know to share our knowledge”, Susan continues.