Welcome to a fundraising evening dedicated to “The Joy of Cooking Together.” We challenge you to bring your smiles and stories but also pay it forward to people who remind us of who we really are as humans, the nomads in the Sahara.

Vilostrada Foundation work with nomads and assure that they can get clean water from a well, better education for their children and continue their genuine way of life.

We are almost there to fund a solar-panel-fuel vital pump near the Nomad School and an area where many live since they can find water there. This is the fundraising chart so fa>>

mohamed tanmirt well commongrundtanmirt photo joakim ahlen vilostrada

On September 30, you are invited come to share a Moroccan Tagine three-course meal with us with drinks included. Bring your whole family.
Tickets sell for €25 where all proceeds directly fuel the non-profit work we do with the Vilostrada Foundation.
Please RSVP to hello(at)vilostrada.com marked “fundraiser” by September 28.

You can also RSVP in the facebook event:

There will be tagines and other genuine Moroccan crafts for sale all evening. In minimum 10% of all sales directly support the Foundation non-profit work.

If you want to help/learn how to prepare the tagines, you are welcome from 4 pm.

Marhaba – Welcome
Maj, Lucas, Susan, Victoria and Joakim, Vilostrada Foundation