For the next week, I represent Vilostrada and the Vilostrada Foundation as a guiding light for “Living to Love the Road” and “Giving back to the heart of humanity” to 70 delegates at the conference Wisehub. Together we will not only imagine making an impact no one ever expected but actually create ACTION for the good of all children’s right to education! By allowing yourself to go looking for your soil, working from your heart and following your passion, anything is possible. I will continue sharing our joint wisdom on Twitter under #wisehub2016.

Our first day in Cape Town, some of the internationl speakers of Wisehub 2016, took a tour around the gorgeous town and to Boulders to meet the Jackass penguins.

We had the privilege to be guided by Petrus Fourie, Silver Leaf. When he was 8 years old he started gardening and cutting lawns. “This is how I built my business. What you put into the world, you get out. This is how I operate”, says Petrus.

Today,  I assist Theophilus Van Rensburg Lindzter, Wisehub‘s founder, to organize and maximize the outcome, inspiration and digital reach.

Have a magical day and go and be great! / Love Victoria

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