Common Ground” is a project idea created by Joakim and Victoria Ahlén, the founders of Vilostrada – a social business dedicated to do good in Morocco through trade. It is the continuation of the Akerate School Project. Together, we provide daughters and sons, our common future, with other choices. We build digital connections to the world, a network with access to knowledge, as well as fill the basic needs of clean water, electricity and school lunch.

This summer, we worked intensely discussing the future of Vilostrada with friends, fans live at events, lunches, midnight talks in Sweden, Norway, Åland and Finland and online around the globe. We participated in the Festival 3 Culturas in our hometown Frigiliana.

While building the future, inspiration is an absolute must. Let me share these videos, songs that gave us energy in creating the right atmosphere:

Global STHLM Tillsammans – Global in Stockholm, Sweden unites contemporary artists to explore regional platforms of diversity and community. Dance, music and visual arts will get to take shape in cross-border processes.

Chain de Oum – Oum Taragalte (Soul of Morocco)

Common Ground by Åsa and Ulf Nomark

Enjoy your weekend.