We look to the future on Women’s Day. In our hearts we go to work each day for our children, the children of the world. Since we met Jasmine, 7 years old, and the other 60 students in Akerate in December, we know we fight even harder with Vilostrada. The number of days Jasmine attends school impacts her future, the future of her village and the future of Morocco. Each gift of knowledge and global connection she makes, each step we build together for sustainable change. We connect her and all the children to a global community.

From 1956 women in Morocco are allowed to go to school and study science and other subjects than religon (source Wikipedia). With the Akerate School Project, we started the process of bringing sustainable lesson plans and skills connecting the children with the world and closer to educators in Sweden, USA, South Africa and Beijing. We can learn from each other.

Our daughter Maj 5 years old talks about her. She wants to go back and visit. We know we connected. Together.

HOPE. LOVE  #womensday.

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