Julakuten‘s, a fundraiser benefitting 300 children at Assocation Darna, goal on November 28-29, 2015, was to raise 2 140€ (20 000 SEK) to pay for school material and a safe environment. We surpassed our goal and raised 2 390 € (22 200 SEK).

On December 9, Maj Ahlén 7 yrs delivered a piece of art symbolizing our monetary gift for them of in total 2 600 € (28 000 MAD, 24 200 SEK) in Tangier, Morocco.

maj ahlen common ground art for darna christmas 2015  darna children tangier morocco common ground volublis art gallery

We added some money as well from other funds to the donation on December 9. In early 2016, expect a yearly report for Common Ground’s donations October 2014 – December 2015.

A huge thanks to all of you and a special thank you to:

åsa nomark julakuten common ground   ulf nomark julakuten common ground   glennartz julakuten common ground

kör onsala kyrka julakuten common ground barnkör Onsala julakuten common ground

åsa holmen julakuten ah betong common ground   Kerstin Gärdhem Onsala julakuten common ground  12347580_453905061468096_8586594271763500945_n

More photos and short stories: Julakuten photos on the Common Ground Facebook page>>

IF you would like a Diploma of your donation, maybe as a Christmas gift, here is the Chukran Common Ground print diploma 2015

CHUKRAN Common Ground Diploma