358 m of tube for running water, this is all that is left for part one of the Tanmirt project. How many meters can you support? 3,5€/m to secure life and education.

On October 10-17, Hanna Sjögren (Rays of Me) teamed up with us to work with the preparations for the new solar panel by the well close to the nomad school in Sahara with our partner and guide Brahim Elaabdouli (Caravane Desert y Montagne), Youssef, Hama, Mohamed, Ba Moh and many more nomads.

“What an amazing life lesson of how far we can come when we find common ground and give back to world,” says Hanna Sjögren. “I wish everyone could feel the positive energy here in the Sahara and really enjoy each day like the nomads do”, she continues.

The running water will secure life in the are and enable the nomad children to go to school. The construction will begin shortly. You will be there with us when it happens.

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100% of all your donations support the Tanmirt project. How many meters can you support