Yoga to support Common ground

– During this autumn I’ve been teaching free yoga classes to a group of teachers at a school. I handed out information about Vilostrada and Common Ground with option to donate. After the last session I was happy to send a message to Victoria telling her I had 150 € for Common Ground.
I have found my passion in life, teaching yoga and being able to help others, combining them together is the perfect fit. Everybody should have the same right to education, equal possibilities to grow as human beings and have a bright future.
It is amazing to be updated about what’s going on in Morocco. I really hope to visit someday, for now, greetings from Finland. In yoga we end each lesson with Namaste, which means: “The light in me sees the light in you”.

Amanda Holmström

We met Amanda at our event in Mariehamn, Åland this summer. Thanks to Amanda and her friends the Common Ground Christmas Campaign  can fund 1 month of school lunch and pay salary to an Akerate villager to prepare the food. School lunch enables education.
Almost half our goal reached today.
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