My last evening in Dardara, I get invited to visit one of the families that live in village in Akerate. A small group of houses in the mountains off the beaten track with gorgeous views of the hills and Chefchaouen in the distance.

I meet Usama, 5 yrs, and his sister Hajan, 10 yrs. Their grandmother sits on the hard concrete floor covered with rugs not the comfortable sofa. She smiles and looks at me with curiosity. I promise not to take photos of her. We chat a little and I decide to offer the children my iphone and ipad to play with. What I know, this is the first time, they have seen and used such device. I turn the devices on, enter passcodes and guide them to the games. From there on, they go by themselves. Both of them directly get the games started and start playing Angry Birds, King of Math and using the coloring app.

After about 5 minutes Hajan decides to show her grandmother what she is doing. It is like magic to her. All women smile. They see that the kids are learning a game, math and smiling. When I meet their eyes, that is when I KNOW we can create a brighter future. Here is the link to the sustainable future, the global connection and the communication tool. Here are two of the drawings. One on the top of this blog. Hajan drew the first one to my daughter Maj whom she met briefly during Christmas.

Vilostrada-IMG_6431-  hajan draws heart flower 20140327 helloakerate

Follow our work with the #helloakerateMeet the future of Morocco at the Akerate School. The project is a part of the collaboration between Auberge Dardara and Vilostrada and one way to bring sustainability to the area.