Water is life. The heat is on in the desert and nomads move to water and shade for the next few months.

In December 2015 and March 2016 on our visits, we have experienced the life of the nomads and seen life circling around the well. Nearby the nomad school right before our March visit, we stood right in the middle of herd of camels coming for a morning drink. This is what is looked like:

STEP 1 in the Vilostrada Foundation Tanmirt project

We started March 14, 2016 when Lucas and Victoria Ahlén visited Zagora. Our project team is run by nomad Youssef and our partner Brahim Elaabdouli (Caravane Desert et Montagne). Brahim and Youssef stay in close dialogue with the nomads in the area we call “Tanmirt”.

We focus our fundraising efforts to establishing a pump for the big well close by the school to secure water for children, their families, the school and the animals = SURVIVAL. Estimated budget for Step 1 is 50 000 MAD (approx €4 600).
Thank you kindly for your contributions so far. You can DONATE HERE:

In our first step, we initially planned to raise money for the school tent for nomad children far out in the desert. On  a May 31 visit to the nomad school, we had happy news that the 16 nomad school children received a school tent by a Spanish association. During the visit, Brahim had a long meeting and they made a plan for the coming steps.

We will continue sharing the progress in the Common Ground Tanmirt project. Search #commongroundtanmirt in your social channels.
Read a story here from Lucas and Victoria’s journey with the nomads in March 2016.