One week ago, I said farewell to my father. He passed away quickly due to lung cancer. We celebrated his life and his laughter. Life teaches you to focus on the core. Life again taught me to keep giving to others, the greatest gift of all, and teaching entrepreneurship is the way.

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Akerate, Morocco, with Åsa Holmén, ÅH! Betong & Återbruksdesign. Her story to be published here in the next coming days.

One year ago…

A rainy day and smiling, curious children look at us. We look at them. We share a smile, we share our hearts. My children share their rubber boots and their own soccer ball. As easy and simply like that, we knew our lives had changed and we had adopted 60 children in our hearts. Their future, became ours.

– During many trips, the villagers, openly shared their homes, stories and their dreams with us.
– We shared our knowledge and the first few funds to better conditions at the school with electricity, school supplies and boots & clothes.
– We started this non-profit Common Ground with local and global partners, organized fundraisers to secure a healthy meal each day for all children at the school as well as the starting of a women´s cooperative.
– We won space at UN Women and UNESECO Mobile Learning Week February 23-25 in Paris
– On February 28, we launch our first product created with the women of Akerate

Our path evolves as we walk forward. Love and curiosity for the common guides us.

I am most proud of our friendship and laughter. Our mutual ability to teach each other about a simple life where laughing and being together is key. A curiosity that led to the start of events leading to a self-sustainable chain. And knowledge to focus on the core in life – together. We can build bridges for a sustainable future. Together. A common ground. To give is the greatest gift of all.