“If you feed the innocent people, kids, you make them happy and bring joy to their hearts. If you ask me the price I would say not even the whole universe is enough.” – Amazigh proverb.

Sunday October 21st, the sun rises over Tagounite, Morocco, Sahara. Team Tanmirt, Association Atawassol and Vilostrada Foundation, meet at the educational center. We are seven people at 9am. We prepared the event since May. Most of us thought it was an impossible challenge. Two people firmly believed the dream of a clean Sahara could be a reality.

Thirty minutes later, Bari Nomad, twelve years old, joins us. He is the first child on site. Fifteen minutes later there are five kids and Brahim Elaabdouli taking trash bags and starting to clean the school yard filled with plastic, glass and metal cans. Sadly, this is the reality in many places of the world. An hour later, thanks to the Arabic telephone, we have 155 children of all ages cleaning about a square kilometer. We filled ninety garbage bags in 90 minutes.

“This event is a message for the children first, then adults, this will wake people up. Together, we will make the Sahara green and clean”, says a man from the local community in Tagounite.

October 21st, we together made the impossible possible. Together, we made an area of Tagounite clean. The Tanmirt Junior Club is born. 155 children smiled and worked side by side.

Join us. It takes a village to raise a child. We need all of us.