We are happily announcing the support of a new Vilostrada Foundation sponsor with the Berlin based artist Veronika Wagner who donates two of her Moroccan paintings for an auction that will begin on Dec 20, 2016 and go on until January 6, 7 pm(WET), 2017. The money raised will go to finance “Tanmirt Education for Life”, the construction of the world´s greatest school in Sahara.

We will showcase the two paintings here but they are also visible for anyone who likes to pay a visit in the Berlin-studio of the painter. There are open days available for studio tours. Place your bid as a comment here to this post. We will also update on the Vilostrada Foundation facebook with the latest bid. You can also email you bid to hello(at)vilostrada.com if you do not want it to go public.

  1. Fez Färberviertel


Färberviertel in Fez I.  2005.  Mixed technique on canvas. 90 x 115 cm.
Start bidding price 350 Euro.
Painting will not if minimum price is not reached. Any shipping and handling costs will be added to the buyer.   

  1. Friede den Hütten


FRIEDE DEN HüTTEN. 2012. Mixed technique on canvas. 76x100cm
Start bidding price is 400 Euro.

Painting will not if minimum price is not reached. Any shipping and handling costs will be added to the buyer.

Veronika Wagner has been travelling North Africa for the past 20 years and is actively processing the current state of the world with exodus of people, refugees, survivors, poverty and transformation of old cultures and societies. She is happy to show her support to the Vilostrada mission with her artwork which is always a reflection of the big themes we are facing as humanity. She is not only a visual artist but also a frequent interview guest in radio shows and on panels discussing current affairs.

You can learn more about her works on the website. We also wrote an earlier blog post about her work where you are invited to Veronika Wagner’s studio. 

Artist profile:

Born in 1949 in Seebach / Thuringia

Studied art education and German studies at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Erfurt

Studied Art at the Kunsthochschule Berlin

1987 Co-founder of the Working Group Cityscapes

1989-90 Spokesperson of the Association for the Arts of Freie Kunst e.V. Berlin

1990-97 Instructor at the Marburg Summer Academy for Free Painting

1992-94 Director of the graphics workshop in the artistic workshops of the Kurt-Schwitters-Schule Berlin

1992 Scholarship of Stiftung Kulturfonds Berlin

Study trips and participation in international artist symposia in Poland, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Cyprus, Sinai, North Africa and India.

Lives and works in Berlin as an artist of paintings, graphics, object art and urban projects.

Her works are located in collections, museums and in public areas.