Today Lucas and Maj, our amazing Vilostrada Kids, held presentations about the Vilostrada Foundation’s work in Sahara at CEIP Enrique Ginés, the local school in Frigiliana.

Lucas 12 years shares:

“I thought it was very interesting and fun to explain to the other kids what we do in Morocco. At first I was a bit nervous but when I had said a few words, it was very cool and fun.

I could never think that explaining and answering questions could be that much fun. I think the teachers and the kids had a fun time. I did for sure. Before the presentation, I was nervous and I though it would be a catastrophe, but now I just want to do it again.”

Maj Ahlén vilostradakids Vilostrada Foundation Frigiliana

Maj 8 years says:
“It was fun to be in Sahara. I met many children. During the presentation I did not say many things, but it was fun. The children had much fun and me too. I could tell them many Moroccan things about the desert. In the school there were many children that were Moroccan in my class. We visited about four classes today. Lucas said he was a bit nervous.”

Their video presentation will be published in an international version shortly to the Vilostrada YouTube account. Let us know if you want us to join with your class via Skype!

For the video presented today Lucas and Maj had learnt how to shoot and edit video, add voiceovers and music, take photographs and produce a 10 min video. Needless to say, we are proud of them and all global supporters. Thank you Brahim Elaabdouli for your expert knowledge on Nomad life, culture and history.

Maj and Lucas Ahlén Vilostradakids Vilostrada Foundation Frigiliana