“Row 19, please keep up the good job and keep distrupting with your happiness and laughter, thank you for making this overseas flight such an enjoyable one for all of us.” Could you imagine if this was the ordinary comment of the flight attendants and our captain? After a week of amazing awesomeness imagining the giant impact no one expected with my fellow global “Wisehubbers” online and on site at the yearly Wisehub conference in South Africa, I truly believe that this is how to play the cards of life.


Cape Town hosted more than 70 wise men and women and eager learners who all shared dreams, lessons from our hearts and teamed up with one mutual mission and action: to positively create a giant impact on our every day actions for the future of all children in South Africa and the world. A ripple effect that begins with us right now, you and me. Follow your heart, make up your mind, line up next to us and go do right now! Together, we form a collaborative eco-system of Wisehubbers. One part of our conference was a big ripple effect of Wisehugs that spread from one to the next (a special thanks Virginia Salas Kastilio and love to the I trust you Movement).

As the founder of Wisehub, Theophilus Van Rensburg Lindzter, said about our Tanmirt Project with the Vilostrada Foundation: “The desert rattles everything on how to adapt to something and the rules that apply in the non-desert world does not apply in the Sahara. The capacity to adapt, a skill to have, to function in the 21th centuary is by doing things differently, think differently. It must be in your veins.”


I make a promise to you all now: “I found my soil and my soul in Tanmirt, Sahara. I will walk next to my nomad family and do greatness together with you. We will learn from each other and create a sustainable circle for all children´s right to an education.

victoria ahlen wisehub 2016 capetown vilostrada foundation photo darren stewart

And on the flight back to Malaga, I really enjoyed meeting Alan and Harry and sharing row 19 with them during a 11 hrs flight this last night. We quickly got to know each other and not many minutes passed until we were laughing and talking, sharing stories and simply being curious humans with a willingness to share our hearts. Guys, I look forward to meeting you again in life.

To all – the biggest of WISEHUGS! / Love Victoria Ahlén, founder, chief of positive disruption and happiness

(And to join our conversation, welcome to #wisehub2016 on Twitter).