Welcome to a group of students in 7th grade at Smedingeskolan in Fjärås, Sweden. Their warm hearted energy to educate and be educated in world citizienship. This summer Victoria and Joakim got truly inspired by Johan Rockström summer pod on “World citizienship and talking responsibility NOW!

Could it start by finding Common Ground?

Together we will run a collaboration during this school year with Common Ground. Malin Jeppsson guides the class with a open mind, laughter, and lots of positive energy. The planning is under way but expect to hear lots from all of us.
We started to get to know each other via Skype and brainstorming.

Class 7 Smedingeskolan Sweden Common Ground Malin Jeppsson Victoria Ahlén

One element of our team work will be using the tool Kissa again and continuing from lessons learned from #CommonGroundKissa showcased at UNESCO/UN Women Mobile Learning Conference in Paris February 2015.

Each time, we speak we agreed we should challenge each other on little things. Today I asked the class what this is:
Do you have a clue?

  Moroccan tea pot Vilostrada

A hand holder for a tea pot is the correct answer which the class figured out in less than 3 minutes. Or is it maybe a hat Ulf Nomark?

Ulf Nomark Common Ground UNÅ Music