Eco tagine, made by clay and water from Oued Laou on the northern coast of Morocco. Burnt at the home of our talented artisan Aicha, her story and the process to make the tagines you can read more about here shortly.

Our tagines start at €18 and can be bought directly at the Garden Centre Organic Market in Andalusia.
They come in various sizes and we also sell bowl and plates made by her.
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How to use:
Soak the lid in water for 24 hrs. The base you add for example olive oil to and let it sit for 24 hrs. You cook your tagine dish over chair coal grill, gas stove or in the oven.

In Morocco, family and friends gather around a tagine to share a meal. This is where stories are told and people sit and spend time with each other, quality time. This is a great tradition that we want to share with you.
Here is a free tagine recipe>>
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