One of my many days in Chefchaouen our first year, I was in Said Rincon’s store. My eyes caught a beautiful piece of jewelry. This piece became a great friend and a treasure I wear many of my days. This was my first meeting with the Nomad Cross. Little did I know, it would start many conversations, lessons of history and its mystery guide me to the desert to meet my family there Brahim, Youssef, Mohamed, Fadma, Aicha and many more in December 2015 and again in 2016.

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Currently, I am collecting stories and checking facts. One story that I read in many place is: The Nomad cross/Tuareg cross represents “the four corners of the earth, because no man knows where he will die.The number four is usually found engraved on the cross as a symbol of the four directions, north, east, south, and west.” On our last journey in March 2016, an older man shared a story of hiding the cross under a rock right before a sandstorm pointing in for example north and then being able to tell what direction to go.

Vilostrada sells of the nomad cross made from ancient traditions and necklaces made by the women in Tanmirt, Sahara as a reminder of our human connection. We sell them to benefit our non-profit project run by the Vilostrada Foundation: Tanmirt.
– It is our world. Our children. Our Sahara. Tanmirt.

Whatever you choose to believe, I know this: It is my compass and connects to the soil I know is all of ours.

Stay tuned, this necklace will soon be available for purchase.