We look to recycle and upcycle things, inspired by Darna, refo and sustainability. This pallet sofa is made by old pallets with a worn, rustic look, design by Vilostrada. It fits perfectly for your outdoor sitting area or even for a restaurant lounge area. Each sofa is hand built and has its own unique look.

Cushions are not included in the prize quoted here. Here we made cushions by beautiful blue- and green-colored, Vilostrada-Chefchaouen textiles. We are still testing them for the 2016 season. We would be happy to quote you a prize if you contact us at hello@vilostrada.com.

Remember, 10% of all proceeds always go to support our non-profit project, Common Ground.

The sofa comes in two parts for easy moving, where the bottom part is a separate pallet on lockable wheels and the top part can be lifted off.

Size: 120 x 80 cm
Height: ~80cm

Would you rather build the sofa yourself? You can buy the assembly instructions from us, which includes step-by-step pictures, full list of purchases, and all measurements.