Let us help you find your Moroccan treasure, with a great story, traded fair and supporting the Vilostrada Foundation with 10% of the proceeds.
Come with us and meet the artisans or trust us to shop for you.
” – Victoria Ahlén, Vilostrada personal shopper.
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“We are so happy for all the gorgeous lamps and added colors to our outdoor room. We simply love the textiles and hand made rugs.” – Johanna Haraldsson, Onsala, Sweden

Finding the right Moroccan artisan treasure for your personal, organisation’s space is something we really enjoy doing. Duringur extensive travels and work all over Morocco, we have built a trusted artisan network, found many treasures and recorded many stories of the traditions of the items we choose to purchase.

Are you looking for a solo item, fill out the special order form or get in touch hello(at)vilostrada.com.

Decorating a bigger space,have lots of questions, want to join me on sight in Morocco or send me do find the treasures?

Do not hesitate to book a meeting with me! We promise to give you a personal journey where we shop fair and do good at the same time.

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Here are a few testimonials, more on the Vilostrada Facebook Page:

“A personal and great experience and service to go with someone who knows the surroundings, prices and where to buy, from whom in the colourful Moroccan jungle. You need a car to make room for all the amazing things you find.” –  Anki Leveland.

“I am very pleased with all the fabric for my home” – Pauline Good. (We went to find colours and fabric types to fit various furniture in her home).

“Thank you Vilostrada for all your help with photos and matching textiles. Finally, I have a warm and homely living here in Spain”, says Stefan Gustafsson, Sweden

A few shopped items that all share a story and ended up with happy Vilostrada clients. Get in touch today for your personal offer! #shopfair

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