Since that day in October 2013 when I was first introduced to the Rif Mountains and Talassemtane National Park by our guide Kritz, my heart knew I came home. These are mountains I know well even if I never sat foot there before that day more than two years ago. I vowed to explore it all, hike, swim in every water stream and waterfall. My Berber soul who strongly believe that all of us are connected by the same tree finds fresh air to breath here and grow strong for all life’s challenges. I brought my children, my husband and my friends and finally a first group of outdoor lovers like me to go for a three day expedition in the mountains with my mountain brother Mohamed. One of many dreams I personally hold for northern Morocco is to share stories from these neighbourhoods to attract more eco tourism, let everyone discover the lands made from heaven for all of us to share.

Victoria Ahlen vilostrada akchour waterfalls morocco   rif mountains vilostrada ahlen mohamed

Victoria Ahlen vilostrada akchour rif mountains morocco   Joakim Ahlen vilostrada akchour rif mountains hike god's bridge

Challenges for the area:

  • Education in keeping the national park clean and without trash. Sadly you will meet areas with a lot of plastic. Do what you can when you go to pick it up, educate to set a good example. All ideas welcome.
  • Tough to come by a great map, that does exist. Make sure you choose a guide who knows their way. We will happy to recommend our friends and mountain experts.
  • Schools in the mountain villages are in poor shape in best case and many roads make for tough life during the winters.
  • How to survive in a sustainable manner and maintain Berber traditions as the modern world knocks on the door?

In a series of blog posts, I will share my thoughts and take you along to meet amazing people, scenery and hopfully inspire you to want more. The planning process is ON to grow this with you and all our current fans. Live to love the road. The question is will you join us?

Love Victoria.

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