Victoria Ahlen is one of the founders and the driving force behind Vilostrada. Her name deriving from the Roman goddess of victory, reveals that she is as close to an earthly half-god you can get.

In her previous commitment she´s worked with unemployed youth, the fight against cancer and UNESCO. With her ​​background in combination with her expertise in digital media her goal is to help the children at Akerate School get closer to the world. And she’s determined to win! “Akerate Victor”

“With Vilostrada, we choose to collaborate with the greatest global connections in our networks. Everyone working for Love – Sustainability – Future”, says Victoria. The Akerate school project collaborates with Pontos Förskola and Pontos Grundskola, #helloakerate (Pre- and Elementary School in Onsala, Sweden). Victoria’s friend and her children’s former teacher Gabriella Sjögren says: “Watching our children’s eagerness to help, curiosity to learn and willingness to make this world a better place touches me.” Stay tuned on the blog for more stories.

Here is the video (in Swedish) the children in Sweden watched this week:
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