The first trip captured me. I saw a magnificent adventure, a clear purpose as well as challenges. I saw beauty in every corner in the Medina and in the mountains. I met kind people, proud of their crafts and their country’s heritage. But I also saw obstacles a head. All to be conquered.

During the first trip we gathered a sample collection from artisans we met and salespeople we enjoyed talking to on the market and in their shops. You will see some of our finds when we launch our webshop November 1.

vilostrada red table cloth IMG_8467_DV-10020, Textile  vilostrada pottery morocco crafts

We found beautiful woven table cloths made by local women co-operatives. I bought ceramics with an ancient history and a type of craft in danger since the younger women see no future. We have initial ideas on how to make these products reach a broader market and a long way to go. I hope to visit with them when I return next week and share the stories and our thoughts with you.

chefchaouen river vilostrada  river children chefchaouen vilostrada
I saw a river run from the Rif mountain top and down through the center of town. Unfortunately not as clean as I would hope. I started discussing ideas on what kind of project to start to change the future of the gorgeous flowing water for our coming generations. What ideas do you have?

I fell in love with the region and the people. I knew I would come back many times. On Monday we meet again.