Late Saturday evening in the end of September a Yoga-group arrives at Finca Carina. Vilostrada lanterns, a mix of mint and BBQ fish in the air and Moroccan tunes help welcome them to a week of mindfulness.

vilostrada IMG_8511-1_JN-10001, JN-10003, TablesIMG_8526_JN-10021, Tables   vilostrada yoga IMG_8694-FincaCarina, People vilostrada catering IMG_8646-FincaCarina, JN-10006, JN-10023, People, Tablesvilostrada catering IMG_8632-FincaCarinaIMG_8720-Ceramics, JN-10009

Breakfast including fresh pineapple served each morning after yoga with view of the Mediterranean Sea and sound of goats coming down the mountain.

IMG_8625_JN-10006, Tables IMG_8616_JN-10006, JN-10007, JN-10023, Tables


Afternoon energy snack made out of rawfood

rawfood catering finca carina vilostrada

Here are some recipes for two of the dinners we served:

RED LENTIL SOUP (serves 4p)

vilostrada IMG_8674_Food, JN-10023

  • chop one yellow onion and a few tablespoons tomato puree and fry in olive oil
  • add a table spoon of cumin, cinnamon and paprika
  • rinse red lentils and add ca 2 dl with 6 dl water and vegetable broth
  • add paprikas, carrots cut in smaller pieces and a can of crushed tomatoes
  • let simmer for 20  min
  • add salt, black pepper and an ounce of chili
  • serve with Turkish yoghurt and a piece of bread PAELLA

Our children helped shop, prepare and serve the food, feed the kittens and share our story about our new lifestyle.  Maj showed our guest her new red Flamenco shoes and some dancing. Leon helped us cook a traditional Paella Andalucian style.

vilostrada finca carina IMG_8904-FincaCarina, Foodvilostrada catering IMG_8922-FincaCarina, People, Tables

This last evening, we all sat down around the table, raised our glasses for a toast to life and watched the sun set over the mountains tops. Thank you for a lovely week.